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Monday Media Transcript: Tackle Justin Pugh

Eric from BBI : Admin : 1/1/2018 2:03 pm
Tackle Justin Pugh

January 1, 2018

Q: What are your thoughts on the season?

A: Not the year we wanted. Not the year I wanted. So, weíre going to have to go and figure this out. Changes are going to be made. I know that. Itís coming. So, hopefully Iím a part of it.

Q: Any concerns long term about your back?

A: No. I went to see the No. 1 back specialist in the world out in California and he told me everything will be alright. I have no reservations about it. Iíll be good to go in a month. So, yeah, all will be well.

Q: Will you just train as usual?

A: Yep. Going down to Florida. Training as usual.

Q: When he said there is no surgery required, I can imagine that was a relief.

A: Yeah. That was. That was our biggest concern. The amount of time Iíd have to wait out. Itís a month that I have to be out and doing this core program that theyíre going to have me on and just letting it rest up. I never got the chance to really take a month off to let it heal up. So, I kept trying to come back and push it and then we decided we didnít want to get it to the point where I would have to get surgery.

Q: How concerned are you that theyíre going to try to sweep a lot of people out?

A: I donít know how much change thereís going to be. I know this is Ė despite our record Ė we got some really good players in this room. No matter what youíre going to say, weíre going to have an elite defense next year and those guys are unbelievable. On offense, weíre going to be healthy and go back at it. Obviously things are going to change. We know that. Youíve heard the GM talk. Weíll see what happens with the coaching situation, but thatís the NFL. Iím used to that by now. Iím the only one left in my draft class. None of the coaches I came in with are here anymore. I know that change and turnover happens and weíll see.

Q: When you go into free agency, are you looking for the most money, the best team, a chance to win or what?

A: If I could build you the perfect equation and kind of factor in how much those mean to me Ė it all goes into it. I want to win. I want to win now. Iíve been in five years. I only made the playoffs one time. Being in a good situation, being close to home was great for me. Being so close to my family. Always having them around. So, all those things go into it. Iím looking forward to getting to it and itís an exciting time. This is the first time Iíll ever get to choose where I play and the situation that Iím in. Obviously, Iíve grown up in New York. I want to be in New York. But, weíll see what happens.

Q: Did it feel good to hear Dave Gettleman say he wants to rebuild the offensive line?

A: Yeah. Just from talking to some guys that have played here before. I know that thatís the thing that heís very passionate about. Got to meet him yesterday and talk to him a little bit. So, itís exciting. Like I said, I just want to win games and whoever it takes to go win them Ė Iím all for that.

Q: Are you a hot commodity?

A: Yeah. I think so.

Q: What did Gettleman say to you?

A: Just a quick introduction. We walked into the stadium together. It wasnít like a formal sit down. Iíll probably talk to him today at some point if I see him and sit down.

Changes are going to be made.  
Diver_Down : 1/1/2018 2:07 pm : link
And, Justin, you will be part of it. See ya.
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