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Streaming Playoffs Online - NFL Game Pass?

Anando : 1/6/2018 3:05 pm
No Fam, quick question.

I'm currently in Frankfurt stuck over night, thanks to my cancelled flight o JFK.

While I found a sports bar which will be showing the games, I was also feeling lazy and was thinking about watching on my iPad.

Which app do I need to watch the games? There is a "game pass" I can purchase on a one-time basis, correct?

do u have a cable/sat account back home?  
bLiTz 2k : 1/6/2018 3:24 pm : link
if I were you id use a VPN and hit up the NBC sports and Fox Sports Go apps and use your cable login.

I know people have had success with the (shady) nfl streams from reddit.
my apologies,  
bLiTz 2k : 1/6/2018 3:25 pm : link
the other game is on ESPN (so watchESPN app)
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