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NFT: Kitchen Appliances - Big Box Store or local dealer

DC Gmen Fan : 1/7/2018 4:58 pm
Looking for a new package of 5 appliances - Fridge, cooktop, dishwasher, double oven, microwave.

Would buying from a big box store like lowes, where i can buy some 10% off Lowes coupons on Ebay be better than dealing with say a local appliance dealer? Is there room for negotiation, esp on installation fees?

Paralysis by analysis here..
Only way to find out is to go  
superspynyg : 1/7/2018 5:04 pm : link
and talk to both. See who will give you the better deal.
Price out both ways  
fivehead : 1/7/2018 5:06 pm : link
and choose the cheaper one.
Definitely check out both...  
10 to 13 : 1/7/2018 5:18 pm : link
But we just bought new appliances from a local dealer and not only were they cheaper than Loweís and Home Depot the service was better
I did both...  
BigBlue2007 : 1/7/2018 5:21 pm : link
We bought a Kitchen Aid Microwave, Gas Range and Dishwasher from a local dealer. We bought a Kitchen Aid refrigerator, Kenmore Elite washer, and a Kenmore Elite Dryer at Sears. So we did both. We got a builder credit with the local dealer so thatís why we went with them for half the appliances.

Local dealers tend to not outsource their delivery team so thatís a plus for them. Hours of operation is a negative.

Price is a matter of shopping around.
My experience is that Lowe's sucks.  
Red Dog : 1/7/2018 5:23 pm : link
And Sears now sucks worse. No more Sears service - it's all third party and it is both grossly overpriced and truly terrible. I'm a far better serviceman than the clod they sent out to fix our stove, and proved it by doing the repair that he could not. Also their parts are disgustingly overpriced.

Stick to local dealers if you have anybody that is any good.
DC Gmen Fan : 1/7/2018 5:32 pm : link
I keep hearing local dealers are better but their prices seem higher than Lowes, at least according to their websites. And I can get the 10% off coupons at Lowes. Do local dealers tend to negotiation?
You will never get a local dealerís best price on their website  
Ben in Tampa : 1/7/2018 5:39 pm : link
So your best bet is to go to a store and talk to a sales rep
It really depends  
Jim in Fairfax : 1/7/2018 5:52 pm : link
Iíve dealt with both great and awful local dealers. Price isnít the only issue- if something goes wrong do they make things right?
Go to the local  
rebel yell : 1/7/2018 6:25 pm : link
store and see if they'll match the big box price. If they do...go for it. If not, they're not doing it right and won't succeed anyway.
For myself  
steve in ky : 1/7/2018 6:40 pm : link
I prefer to establish a relationship with a locally owned store. I have found that in the long run I usually get better prices but more importantly much better service. Beyond that when prices are anywhere close I try hard to support local stores.
Not sure if you are from DC  
EricJ : 1/7/2018 6:57 pm : link
and/or whether there is a PC Richard where you are. If so, that is the place to get your appliances. Nowhere else.

I have remodeled a few kitchens and the most recent in my primary residence which was completed one week ago.

They will match or beat any deal. If you want repairs, they have their own crew (not third party) that comes out within 24 hours. If you are the type to get an extended warranty, theirs is the best I have seen and the cheapest.

So, on the purchase we locked in a sale price on Frigidaire Professional appliances. All we had to do was put 10% down and we do not have to take delivery until we are ready. Could be two years from that date.. doesnt matter you are locked in at your price. If there is a sale three months later and the price is lower, you call them and they will lock you in at the lower price. Your price can only get lower, never higher. If you decide to change your mind one day they will just refund your 10%.
Local vs big box  
BigBlue2007 : 1/7/2018 7:04 pm : link
The only reason I bought the fridge at sears is the local store couldnít get the fridge and I needed a fridge ASAP. I went to sears and they had it stock cheaper and delivered it for free.

The local store was lying about their stock because they didnít want to lose the sale. The local guys buy from a consortium and if itís a popular item might have to wait on a waiting list. Sears, Loweís, Home Depot and Best Buy have stock on hand.

Locals do provide good service if there is an issue and have in house delivery. Also Sears owns A&E and they do the home service/Repair for Home Depot and Loweís. All big box outsource their delivery teams.
My wife and I went to Karlís in Madison, NJ  
Giant John : 1/7/2018 7:21 pm : link
To look at a washer and dryer. Our Maytag di s after 18 years at the same time. 500 to repair. I said no thanks. So we went to Karlís thinking we would look there get their best price then go to P.C. Richards and best them up a bit on the price. We never made it out the of the store. For washers and dryers there is a brand called Speed Queen.. expensive but designed to run 25 years. Great reviews. Anyway they offered us such a good deal we made the purchase and never made it to PC Richards. So sometimes it makes sense to shop. It did for us.
So this morning my wife comes home with a gallon of paint. Dumb husband goes whatís thatfor and she says that with a new washer and dryer I want to paint the laundry room a new color. Keep in mind the laundry room was brand new two years ago. Yes freshly painted. But my fashionista wife had to have a new paint job in the laundry room. So she started (with me sitting quietly watching TV) when I hear Hones can you come here? So of course I do. Knowing she has zero chance of painting such a complicated room. So of course I spend my day painting the laundry room. I am a very good painter and at one time considered my own painting business.
When I was finally finished there was a great dinner waiting for me so worth it.
Unit not only do I have to pay for the machines but had to paint the room ( honestly the paint was perfect in that room)
So a word to the wise...
I have always go the best price at PC Richards  
ShocknAwe80 : 1/7/2018 7:34 pm : link
It's a chain, but not like Lowes. They work with you and wil generally meet anyone's advertised price. they usualy have great financing as well.
DC Gmen Fan : 1/7/2018 7:56 pm : link
there is no PC Richards in the DC area. :(
Always shop it ....  
Beer Man : 1/7/2018 8:08 pm : link
Recently replace my hot water heater, the bids (for installed) ranged from $1,150 to $2,600. Many times these guys will feed you a number that they think they can get out of you, and you have to shop around to find someone trying to make an honest profit.
RE: Unfortunately  
Jim in Fairfax : 1/7/2018 8:22 pm : link
In comment 13777228 DC Gmen Fan said:
there is no PC Richards in the DC area. :(

Iíve been pretty satisfied with the Appliance Connection in Woodbridge.
Appliance Connection - ( New Window )
Best Buy  
02/03/2008 : 1/7/2018 9:47 pm : link
Was told my neighbor who just did a kitchen remodel. Said he shopped around then took it to BB and the manager worked with him as they wanted the sale. He also recommended getting their credit card as you get 10% back that he rolled into a new washer and dryer. Getting a credit card may or may not be worth it based on how much you are spending to get the discount. Also donít forget Pepco gives you rebates.
Not sure where you are in DMV but check Best Buy  
jjgmrg901 : 1/8/2018 7:30 am : link
We redid our kitchen in summer and bought fridge, free standing oven, dishwasher and microwave. It was during their July 4th sale. Not only were they the best prices, actually beat Amazon by a hundred plus dollars but you get a Best Guy gift care based upon total cost. Mine is $750. You also get Best Buy bucks I got about 350. I have $1000 best buy credit which I am going to use to purchase my next TV. Really shop the prices. We were using a GC so they handled the removal of old appliances (what was pretty cool is that they didn't trash them but rather offer them to various shelters/soup kitchens in the area) Best buy has reasonable removal charge and free hook ups.
Good luck no matter where you get them you will love your new appliances, once you eventually read the manuals.
If you are going to buy from a place like Home Depot  
EricJ : 1/8/2018 7:34 am : link
you can search for gift cards on EBAY. People sell them all of the time at a slight discount. End result could be a savings for you. I would be willing to dump some HD gift cards for $.90 on the dollar since I am not using them right now.
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