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Watch skydive YouTube videos on each qb

Thinblueline : 1/7/2018 7:40 pm
Darnold, Rosen, Mayfield, Allen and you should be very excited for who our #2 overall pick will be... Mayfield is very accurate as well as Rosen.. Darnold's escapability, I'd be happy with any of the three, hopefully our scouts choose the best one!
Sorry videos by sky designs  
Thinblueline : 1/7/2018 7:45 pm : link
Thanks for the heads up  
David B. : 1/7/2018 10:18 pm : link
This is the first highlight video of Darnold I've seen that really shows what his game is like. Great guy to have if you're OL can't keep a stable pocket.



Rosen moves pretty damn well, too but in a more dropback style.
For all his flaws  
BleedBlue : 1/7/2018 11:09 pm : link
Darnold has "it"

Kid can throw on move as good as anyone I've seen. He has strong poise and does whatever to gain those extra yards. He plays tough and doesn't mind laying it out there. I'm all for the pick. My only concern is his turnover issue. I think he will clean it up though. I'd be happy with him or Mayfield or Allen. I'm out on Jackson and not to fond of Rosen(injury concern)
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