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Interesting Detroit article about Patricia and pencils

Defenderdawg : 1/10/2018 9:22 am
Birkett Detroit Free Press: Lions coaching candidate Matt Patricia explains why he keeps a pencil in his ear...
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Some tweets from Detroit about Patricia  
Defenderdawg : 1/10/2018 9:31 am : link

Dave Birkett (@davebirkett)
1/10/18, 8:49 AM
As I wrote the other day, Mike Vrabel is the only one of the other candidates iíve heard prominently connected with it. Wilks still could interview though

Calvin Johnson (@Megatron81_)
1/10/18, 8:59 AM
@davebirkett He would be hired by now if Patricia was going to the Giants

Dave Birkett (@davebirkett)
1/10/18, 9:11 AM
He certainly could have hired Vrabel by now if thatís clearly the direction he wanted to go
Dave Birkett (@davebirkett)
1/10/18, 8:42 AM
Well, heís from New York, has family that way, and itís the Giants, one of the best franchises in the NFL.

Dave Birkett (@davebirkett)
1/10/18, 9:14 AM
Wife is from out east. Was told they have family relatively nearby now to help with the kids. Also know Patricia grew up a 49ers fan, though friends said he like Giants, too.

Dave Birkett (@davebirkett)
1/10/18, 9:16 AM
I donít think anyone reputable said it was a done deal. People certainly said heís the favorite. Those are two different things
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