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Colts Interview Matt Rhule for HC

BeckShepEli : 1/10/2018 7:04 pm
Sleeper for them..
That was  
old man : 1/10/2018 7:14 pm : link
Nobody blowing them away?
Nobody fitting their vision?
Everybody turning THEM down?
Matt Rhule, another former Giant assistant Coach......  
Simms11 : 1/10/2018 7:45 pm : link
Did a great job as Head Coach at Temple. I donít know why we didnít look at College Coaches either?
If you talk to a college coach  
Rflairr : 1/10/2018 9:43 pm : link
You shouldnít leak it unless youíre going to hire him. Really hurts this guy in recruiting
Jay on the Island : 1/11/2018 7:05 pm : link
is just looking for a candidate that has a prescription for vicodin.
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