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NFT: Where the hell did my stock market thread

DC Gmen Fan : 2/5/2018 3:36 pm
im gonna take one guess  
yupbjac27 : 2/5/2018 3:39 pm : link
someone on bbi took a purely financial discussion and went political with it?

Didn't see but can only imagine
got political i think.  
GMAN4LIFE : 2/5/2018 3:39 pm : link
It's way down below  
Shecky : 2/5/2018 3:39 pm : link
in red
Wall St  
NewFakeDannyHeep : 2/5/2018 3:42 pm : link
really should not have put all that money on the Patriots.
this makes that lady i was talking to last week  
DC Gmen Fan : 2/5/2018 3:44 pm : link
who said sell everything then to lock in profits and rebuy after the correction look pretty smart now ;/
RE: It's way down below  
Keith : 2/5/2018 3:47 pm : link
In comment 13822533 Shecky said:
in red

Boom. Roasted!
Like a Danny Amendola pass  
Rocky369 : 2/5/2018 3:49 pm : link
it was dropped
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