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NFT: Halloween on a cruise

Pete in MD : 2/8/2018 8:52 pm
So my wife and I have a group of childless friends going on a cruise in late October and they invited us to come along. The cruise itself looks nice and a good deal but I am worried our son will miss out on Halloween, which falls in the middle of the cruise week. Does anyone know if cruise ships do any sort of kid-friendly Halloween celebration? This would be on Norwegian Cruise Lines. (Disclaimer: I have never been on a cruise before.)
Funny I was on a cruise this past Halloween on Norwegian getaway  
DennyInDenville : 2/8/2018 9:12 pm : link
They do have Halloween decorations up and some events and people do dress up on the ship as well!!

It's pretty fun!

I honestly forget what the trick or treating situation is though
Btw more then half the ship doesn't even acknowledge Halloween  
DennyInDenville : 2/8/2018 9:13 pm : link
But it's presence is felt especially for those who seek out the Halloween special events and decorations etc..

I remember the fruit cutter made some kind of zombie watermelon I think too
How old is your kid ?  
Ron from Ninerland : 2/8/2018 11:03 pm : link
Norwegian has a decent kids program but they ain't Disney. Its best that you call ahead and ask them.
RE: How old is your kid ?  
Pete in MD : 2/8/2018 11:15 pm : link
In comment 13827270 Ron from Ninerland said:
Norwegian has a decent kids program but they ain't Disney. Its best that you call ahead and ask them.

He is six. My wife plans to call them before we make the final decision. It's funny, Halloween at home only consists of getting dressed up and trick-or-treating around the neighborhood for a few hours. One would think a cruise would be much more fun for a kid. I'm not sure why we are worried.
Went on a Halloween cruise last year on Carnival  
NorwoodWideRight : 2/9/2018 9:01 am : link
They had costume parties for both adults and kids, trick-or-treating, parties, pumpkin carving and more. My kids didn't miss out.
not sure about cruises,  
Rocky369 : 2/9/2018 1:48 pm : link
but what about something similar to those that fly during Halloween, and pass out candy to the other passengers so their kid can trick or treat in-flight?
It's been a long time since mine were 6  
Bill L : 2/9/2018 2:21 pm : link
but if they were on a cruise with kids activities, would they even know they were missing Halloween?

Also, even when I was 6, I'm pretty sure that if you gave me the choice of binging on candy versus binging at the buffet, I would be all on board with being on board.
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