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Roquan Smith - a good trade down target

Ira : 3/6/2018 9:39 pm
In my opinion Smith is the best linebacker in this draft. He's fast (4.51 40), versatile (can cover, rush the passer, tackle) and instinctive . He can play inside and outside in a 4-3 or 3-4. I like him better than Treadwell because he has the instincts and intelligence to diagnose plays. The mental aspect of the game makes a bigger difference in the nfl than in college. Linebacker is one of our biggest needs. Smith is nfl ready and would improve our defense from day one. In a hybrid defense, he can be used in any way our new dc wants to.
Not sure how feasible it is  
bceagle05 : 3/6/2018 9:43 pm : link
but this guy was all over the field whenever I watched him. If he lingers toward the end of the first round, he's got Steeler written all over him.
Smith would be better in a trade-up...not down  
bLiTz 2k : 3/6/2018 10:26 pm : link
...he may be this years Landon Collins where the value is too good to pass up if hes still there around 25
I really like Smith  
Rjanyg : 3/6/2018 10:29 pm : link
But I think the Giants are going to add to their offense with their top pick.

If we were to trade down the best pick would be Nelson...  
Dry Lightning : 3/6/2018 10:31 pm : link
but this guy would be second. Real star power at LB. If we get a bushel full of picks OL and RB can be addressed later. I'm sure there are other special players, but after Barkley, Darnold, and Nelson- Smith is the best prospect I am aware of.
If this happens  
The 12th Man : 3/7/2018 10:00 am : link
this place will go nuts.
I can see it  
Old Dirty : 3/7/2018 10:58 am : link
if we trade down with someone like Jets at #6 and Nelson is gone. We can draft the #1 LB in the draft and still be able to get a top OG at #34 in Hernandez, B. Smith or Crosby. I would also be willing to take a chance and draft OT O. Brown with our 2nd round 2 pick via NYJ (#37). This would help solidify our OL and give our defense what it's been missing at LB. A real weapon.
If they take a defender first it seems more likely to be Chubb at 2.  
Brown Recluse : 3/7/2018 10:58 am : link
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