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Bob McGinn Website

TheMick7 : 3/7/2018 9:43 am
For those of you who looked forward to reading his columns in the newspaper each year & were upset twhen he retired,he now has his own website, You can now sign up for $9.99 for the Draft Series. And,although some of it is obviously Packer oriented, his insight into the draft is great & well worth the $9.99. There are already 4 articles dealing with the draft up on his site.
Good for him  
robbieballs2003 : 3/7/2018 9:58 am : link
It sucks it isn't free but the guy is definitely worth the price.
Jay in Toronto : 3/7/2018 11:20 am : link
Love to see his final mock draft.
Thanks for letting me know  
Mark from Jersey : 3/7/2018 12:33 pm : link
10 is a steal for what he provides.
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