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Last year's mock draft champion (per THR) has spoken...

Milton : 3/8/2018 11:31 am
Every The Huddle Report compares the mock drafts of every major and minor draftnik out there.

Last year's champion posted a mock draft today. It won't be his final one, but if we're to be looking at mock drafts at all, at least let it be from the guys who come the closest to being right.

p.s.--Spoiler alert: he has the Giants picking Barkley.
Joe Marino's post-combine mock draft - ( New Window )
That's like saying the guy  
Keith : 3/8/2018 11:33 am : link
who won the NCAA march madness bracket last year is going to win again. We all know it aint true.
Hes also got all the top rated OL prospects going in round 1  
mfsd : 3/8/2018 11:39 am : link
Were we to take Saquon at 2, Im sure DG is hoping a guy like Hernandez or Wynn or Price falls to us at 34
He has Hurst  
allstarjim : 3/8/2018 11:53 am : link
Still going in round 1 even though he was found to have a heart issue. If there is a defect, I think that is highly unlikely.

He also doesn't have Joshua Jackson in the first round. He is very likely to go in the top 15 picks.

I think Mason Rudolph has a bigger chance of going in the first round than Lamar Jackson.
His mock looks a lot like the others I have seen  
ZogZerg : 3/8/2018 12:22 pm : link
Who has the most accurate Mock 7 weeks before the draft?

That's the one I want to see;)
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