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NFT: Scrutiny grows as Angels' plan for Ohtani begins to falter

Stan in LA : 3/11/2018 3:44 pm

After only three pitching starts and 14 plate appearances, all under conditions that don't count, the speculation is as rabid as the expectation that daily dogs Shohei Ohtani.

He should shorten his swing. He should abandon hitting altogether. He should be more pitch efficient. He should open the season in the minors.

Trying to do something rarely accomplished in the modern era of baseball, Ohtani to date has been given more grief publicly than time.

"Like any player here, Shohei wants to achieve," manager Mike Scioscia said Saturday. "He knows the talent he has. … You gotta be patient at times in the spring."

Ohtani and the Angels are discovering that the outside world isn't terribly interested in giving breaks to phenoms, at least not international ones attempting to regularly pitch and bat in the big leagues.

Instead, Ohtani's unsteady pitching results and one-for-11 start as a hitter have been reasons enough for many people, mostly media members and anonymous scouts, to ponder how long the Angels can stick to a blueprint from which they have promised not to waver.

With the season opener only 19 days away, the scrutiny promises to only intensify, especially if Ohtani's performances continue to lag.

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This is a big adjustment for him.  
Giant John : 3/11/2018 4:07 pm : link
He needs time to make the adjustment. Can’t declar the guy a bust after 11 at bats in the Grapefruit League.
Isn't it Cactus League  
MetsAreBack : 3/11/2018 4:26 pm : link
RE: Isn't it Cactus League  
widmerseyebrow : 3/11/2018 4:44 pm : link
In comment 13858998 MetsAreBack said:

Looks like Giant John just humiliated himself.
Don't think the 2 way player thing  
Stan in LA : 3/11/2018 7:31 pm : link
Is going to work so well. Let the Angles deal with it.
RE: Don't think the 2 way player thing  
Sarcastic Sam : 3/12/2018 1:10 am : link
In comment 13859192 Stan in LA said:
Is going to work so well. Let the Angles deal with it.

The Angles? Now you're intentionally being obtuse.
New country, new league  
section125 : 3/12/2018 10:29 am : link
new strike zone, new teammates, language barrier, young player, different ball.

There are many things working against Ohtani. Let's see where he is in June before crucifying him. The Angels may very well know that hitting and being a pitcher is next to impossible, but are letting him see just how difficult it is to be DH and pitcher. He is probably quite intelligent and will see for himself that it may not be doable in MLB - let him decide he should concentrate on pitching only. He will better rationalize and accept his own difficulties rather than being told.
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