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BBI Mock Draft – SELECTION Thread

Matt G : 4/1/2018 10:32 pm
My apologies for not getting this up before the holiday… Life got in the way… Anyway, let’s get this thing rolling. The draft will run from 9am to 6pm Monday through Friday until the start of the NFL Draft (Thursday, April 26th) or the completion of the 6th round. Please remember to use the DISCUSSION thread so we can keep this thread uncluttered.

Once a team is on the clock, they will have two hours to make a selection. If a team goes on the clock after 4pm, their two hour window will roll over to the next day. For example, if you go on the clock at 4:30pm, you will have until 9:30 am to make a selection. Picks may be made between 6pm and 9am if GMs are online and following the draft thread. The time limit only applies during the 9am to 6pm timeframe. If the two hour time limit expires, I will make a pick using any list that the GM for the team has sent me in advance (send lists to the email address in my profile) or in the absence of a list, I will use the GBN Big Board with a little discretion so as not make an obvious dumb pick (i.e.: Philadelphia Eagles won’t be taking a QB in the 1st round this year). If a GM misses two consecutive picks without providing a prospect list or making some form of contact with me (email or posting on the draft thread) the spot will be reassigned to one of the BBIers who have expressed an interest to fill the vacancy.

Please utilize the BBI Mock Draft Spreadsheet . The spreadsheet contains the draft order (RD1-6) by team and GM with a fairly comprehensive list of both available and taken prospects based on the GBN Big Board (as well as several other prospects that did not make the GBN Big Board). I will try to keep the spreadsheet and thread updated as often as possible.

Round 1
1. Cleveland (Lionhart28)
2. New York Giants (Andy in Halifax)
3. New York Jets (Jon in NYC) (from Ind)
4. Cleveland (Lionhart28) (from Hou)
5. Denver (jlukes)
6. Indianapolis (Go Terps) (from NYJ)
7. Tampa Bay (Jay on the Island)
8. Chicago (bigbluehoya)
9. San Francisco (Pete from Woodstock)
10. Oakland (Amtoft)
11. Miami (Optimus-NY)
12. Buffalo (superspynyg) (from Cin)
13. Washington (Sir-Yes-Sir)
14. Green Bay (MadPlaid)
15. Arizona (DCPollaro)
16. Baltimore (Mike in NY)
17. L.A. Chargers (armstead98)
18. Seattle (sjnyfan)
19. Dallas (Rick in Dallas)
20. Detroit (YAJ2112)
21. Cincinnati (Matt G) (from Buf)
22. Buffalo (superspynyg) (from KC)
23. L.A. Rams (BigBlueTT)
24. Carolina (FatMan in Charlotte)
25. Tennessee (NYG27)
26. Atlanta (NoGainDayne)
27. New Orleans (Saos1n)
28. Pittsburgh (BigBlueDownTheShore)
29. Jacksonville (Kevin in CT)
30. Minnesota (Allstarjim)
31. New England (Torrag)
32. Philadelphia (Chris in Philly)

Cleveland (Lionhart28) is on the clock and has until Monday, April 2nd at 11am to make a selection.
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WAIT! Here are my 5 UDFAs for the Dolphins  
Optimus-NY : 4/21/2018 1:41 am : link
These guys are leftovers, but whatevs:

1 - QB, Riley Ferguson, Memphis
2 - PK, Michael Badgely, Miami
3 - C, Coleman Shelton, Washington
4 - WR, Byron Pringle, Kansas State
5 - CB, Danny "Louisiana Pimpdog" Johnson, Southern

Can you please add them to the list Matt G?
Feel free to un-sticky these as a FINAL RESULTS thread  
Matt G : 4/21/2018 5:47 pm : link
Has been posted
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