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Media Transcript: Tight Ends Coach Lunda Wells

Eric from BBI : Admin : 4/4/2018 2:52 pm
Tight Ends Coach Lunda Wells

April 4, 2018

Q: Can you talk about making the transition from offensive line to tight ends coach?

A: Itís been pretty smooth so far. Embracing the role of learning a new offense, starting at ground zero just like everybody else in the offense. Iím understanding that with the position of coaching the tight ends, your extension of the offensive line coach in the run game and your extension of the quarterback and the receiving coach in the pass game, so understanding that and embracing those two areas, itís been pretty smooth so far.

Q: Did you ever play tight end?

A: Never played tight end. I should have. Iíve got some gloves. (Laughs)

Q: What kind of potential do you think (Evan) Engram has?

A: Just like all the other guys in the room, we all understand that he has a unique skillset that allows him to be a pretty good athlete, pretty good player in the pass game. Potential wise, his ceiling is real high. Heís a high character guy, heís a guy that comes in and works hard, so he has a lot of potential in year two. He understands just like anything that he has to approach it as doing his job to the best of his ability better than it has been done before and I think thatís the role that every guy in that room is going to have to embrace to continue to reach the potential that they can possibly reach.

Q: You were on the line last year, so did you go back and watch last year and focus on the tight ends?

A: Absolutely. The biggest thing that stood out is itís a group that really did a nice job of competing and playing hard. Again, each individual has a unique skillset and you can see that on the tape. Like all things, each guy has things that they need to improve on and obviously you were able to see that on tape, but overall the group did a great job of competing, embracing the role that they had last year and theyíve got a lot of upside in that room.

Q: Do you see Evan as a type of player that you can move around? Or do you see him as strictly a tight end?

A: Honestly again, heís a guy that we all understand he has a unique skillset in terms of the pass game, but heís a very sharp kid and he can do a little bit of it all. I canít say that I can see him as just a guy that is split out because I think weíd be doing an injustice to him because he is a very sharp kid and a willing blocker and a guy thatís willing to do everything that goes into it. Heís a guy that we can play at the Y-tight end, we can split him out. I think youíre going to see some of that this year in terms of him being able to play in a lot of different spots.

Q: Is it a priority for you guys to have him improve as a blocker?

A: Me being a tight ends coach, I look at it as the characteristics and the traits of the tight end room. So, for him personally I donít want to just focus in on him getting better at the blocking. I want him to talk about in terms of the whole room understanding, ĎHey, the characteristics of being a tight end for the New York Football Giants you have to embrace and be a willing blocker.í That means mentally being tough, that means in the classroom and on the field understanding the different techniques that go into blocking and then you have to understand the details of the pass game and the different routes and how we can be more effective as pass catching tight ends for all the guys, not just Evan or Rhett (Ellison) or Jerell (Adams) or Kyle (Carter). I think itís collective as a group with everybody understanding all that goes into us producing to the best of our abilities, so that we can in turn give the team a good opportunity to be successful.

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