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Media Transcript: Offensive Line Coach Hal Hunter

Eric from BBI : Admin : 4/4/2018 3:15 pm
Offensive Line Coach Hal Hunter

April 4, 2018

Q: What did you do last year?

A: I took the year off. Iíve been coaching for 35 straight years, so when I parted ways with the Cleveland Browns, I had some opportunities, but I wanted to get in the right opportunity and the right opportunity didnít present itself, so I decided to take some time off. Went and visited some colleges, watched what they were doing in college because basically what theyíre doing in college, we eventually get here in the NFL, So, I visited some colleges. Then I went down with some people that I knew in the NFL, went down and spent some time with some NFL programs. You never get a chance to see how other people do things. Youíre only on the staff that youíre on. So, I spent some time with some other people. Watched a lot of video tapes, and then just basically prepared myself to get back in the NFL this year. So, I knew Iíd be back in. So, when it rolled around about December/January and everything starts, the musical chairs start again, I had a couple different opportunities and this opportunity presented itself and I jumped at it.

Q: Have you defined what kind of scheme youíre going to be running with the offensive line?

A: No, I mean itís an NFL-type scheme. Itíll be just a mix of everything. Itíll be power offense, itíll be zone offense, itíll be drop back passing, itíll be a variety of different things. You have a lot of different coaches with a lot of different backgrounds, they bring a lot of different things. We have a lot of coaches with a lot of experience. So, I think you bring the experience from all those different things, where weíve been and all those different places and then you try to pick and choose to put the best thing. I think the most important thing for an offensive line, for an offense, is to fit what you do to the personnel that you have. Itís square peg, square hole. Thatís kind of what you need to be.

Q: What did you see when you went over the film of tackle Ereck Flowers?

A: Iíve looked at some tape. Iíve had a couple conversations with him on the phone, Iím looking forward to seeing him here in the near future. Anything that Iíve talked about him, itís kind of private. Itís like when you have a conversation with somebody, I like to keep it private because if itís not private, if he reads about it in the paper or on the internet, then heíll never have a conversation with me again. So, Iíd like to keep what Iíve seen him do in the past, Iíve discussed with the head coach and the personnel people, but Iíd like to keep that just between them and us. And then basically when Iíve had a chance to work with him - you canít do anything in phase one except meet him, but phase two, and then minicamp, then OTAs, Iíll have a better understanding of being able to say, ĎHey, this is what I see now working with him.í So, Iíd kind of like to hold off on that. Iíve had a lot of players that have come into my office and visited with me and Iíve talked with a lot of guys on the phone. Iíve been really encouraged by them reaching out to me and wanting to visit and weíve had a lot of conversations. But like that, Iíve told them that I wanted them to be honest with me. And so, with that honesty comes having some confidentially with that so that theyíll continue to be honest with me. But I can say one thing: theyíve been very positive and very enthusiastic and Iím looking forward to getting them in the room and working with them.

Q: Can you talk about the transition from the left side to the right side for Flowers?

A: Yeah, the left side or the right side, I donít think the assignments are that tough. It might not be quite as hard, but it would be like, I golf right-handed, if all of a sudden I have to golf left-handed, itís going to be awhile. Heís been playing left tackle for a long time. Heís been playing it in college and I remember we had a pre-draft visit with him, I met him at the Combine a few years ago. Good, solid left tackle. So, the footwork is going to be different. Everything is going to be just the opposite and heís a good enough athlete that heís going to be able to adjust to all of that, but itís like anything. Youíre writing and all of a sudden you guys all have to write left-handed. You can do it, but it takes some time to adjust. So, there has to be a patience on the learning curve. Like again, the better the athlete, the easier the transition and he is a good athlete.

Q: Does Flowersí age make him a bit of blank slate, or does his experience cancel that out?

A: Well, it depends. Until you actually get your hands on somebody and work with them. Nobody is a real blank slate. Heís had a high school coach, heís had a college coach, I believe heís had two coaches here since heís been here at the Giants. So, everybody has different ways, so sometimes you have to erase the tape. Sometimes you canít just re-record over it. So, itíll take some time to get him doing some things that we want him to do then, but I know both his offensive line coaches that heís had in the past. Iíve known them for a long time and they were very experienced, very highly though of coaches in this league. And I know things that they teach are fundamentally sound.

Not exactly glowing comments toward Flowers  
George from PA : 4/4/2018 7:37 pm : link
He seemed to perk up with the guys he met personally
V.I.G. : 4/4/2018 10:41 pm : link
His ability to over reach and waist bend will be the same on the right.
He seems weird  
Joey in VA : 4/4/2018 10:46 pm : link
But I like it. He does NOT sound too high on Flowers or Jones. When you mention someone's motor and all that crap it means he's not very good but he's tough as a boot. Not Ben Fricke tough, but close.
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