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From Dave-Te Draft Day Podcast Features

nflscouting : 4/10/2018 8:59 pm
PodCastOne Network will be featuring my podcasts after each & every draft selection on Day One and Two. I'm hoping to get them to roll it out again on Day Three

After each pick, Paul and I will talk about the player, get into his career, cite from his scouting report and how he will fit into that team's structure. We will also examine how that draft pick affects some veterans on the current roster.

Next week, several team sites editors will be sitting down with Paul, including Ed Valentine from Big Blue View and hopefully have on a legacy, Dave Klein's kid, Aaron. The Packers brass, Pats, Vikings, Jets and other teams will also be joining in.

They will be my fill-ins from April 15-20, as the flowers are blooming and it is time to get to Europe for some games in the ACB
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