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Eric. Please check

SJGiant : 4/12/2018 10:40 pm
Your 2018 salary transaction for Nat Berhe contract. has Natís signing at $880,000. Normally I would not trust that website as gospel. However, I found the 247 sports website stating that Nat got a $90,000 signing bonus. Why is this important. It appears that his salary will count in the formula for 2019 compensation picks if he received a signing bonus. I will include link to 247 sports article. also reports the same signing bonus for Traveras King. I will try and search an article confirming this transaction too.
What Nat Berhe was paid by the Steelers - ( New Window )
SJGiant : 4/12/2018 10:59 pm : link
Is the current 2019 compensation cancellation chart. Scroll down to NY Giants chart. Obviously this chart can change greatly by more signings, or players released who are on this chart during the 2019 season
2019 compensation cancellation chart - ( New Window )
Doomster : 4/13/2018 7:00 am : link
For Berhe?

Based on draft position, playing time and salary?
Good Post  
Doomster : 4/13/2018 7:04 am : link
Eric from BBI : Admin : 4/13/2018 7:42 am : link
Are you talking about the BBI Scorecard? If so, thanks. Yes, I listed him as $790,000 in salary because I had not seen the bonus money. When I don't know the bonus money, I clearly label the figure as "in salary".
SJGiant : 4/13/2018 8:35 am : link
I am talking about the 2018 Free Agency Scorecard. I am just trying to validate the website. We are slated to get more compensatory picks if free agency ended today and everyone free agent remained with their respective team.
SJGiant : 4/13/2018 4:34 pm : link
It looks like $880,000 is a non qualifying free agent on What the hell.
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