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Just A Thought on 1-4 if Barkley goes 1st to Cleveland

MarineMan : 4/16/2018 9:57 am
I would like to see Barkley come to the Giants. But if it doesn't happen and the Giants go QB 1st.

1-Rosen QB
2-Hernandez OG
3-Penny RB
3-McIntosh DE
4-Leonard LB

What do you guys think?
Nomad Crow on the Madison : 4/16/2018 9:58 am : link
I'll buy that, but I don't think Leonard drops to the 4th round. Stranger things have happened certainly. We will wait and see.
I don't think Hernandez is going to be there at our 2nd pick.  
figgy2989 : 4/16/2018 9:58 am : link
I would really hate to see the Giants pass on SD if Barkley goes first.
Barkley is not  
ryanmkeane : 4/16/2018 10:00 am : link
going 1st
If Barkley goes 1st  
jvm52106 : 4/16/2018 10:01 am : link
I can see a team offering a ton to move to #2. I am not convinced at all that the Giants want Darnold over all others.

Barkley WON"T go first  
giants#1 : 4/16/2018 10:04 am : link
Cleveland is taking a QB at #1.
RE: If Barkley goes 1st  
GuzzaBlue : 4/16/2018 10:08 am : link
In comment 13915665 jvm52106 said:
I can see a team offering a ton to move to #2. I am not convinced at all that the Giants want Darnold over all others.

Yes and hopefully it would be the likes of Denver where we could probably get a haul if Elways like Darnold and only Darnold (there's certainly a chance). Move back to 5 and still get a blue-chip.
M.S. : 4/16/2018 10:55 am : link

...I like you draft quite a lot.

My bias is to go QB at #2 and then cluster draft offensive lineman.
the only way barkley goes 1  
V.I.G. : 4/16/2018 10:55 am : link
is if we trade our 2 for their 4.
I think they go QB #1,Dorsey isn't like the past Browns  
TheMick7 : 4/16/2018 11:01 am : link
managements.Who they draft at QB probably will determine our direction.If they take Allen,we will probably take Darnold. If they take Darnold,then I think all bets are off w/the #2 & there are multiple scenarios that can transpire!
Don't like that by 4  
Jay in Toronto : 4/16/2018 11:04 am : link
we haven't gotten a DB in this good class
Love your top 3 choices  
Joe in CT : 4/16/2018 12:21 pm : link
however looks like both Hernandez and Penny might not make it to our picks in 2nd or 3rd round based on latest slotting.
Archer : 4/16/2018 12:48 pm : link
I like Rosen, Hernandez,and Penny.
To be honest  
MarineMan : 4/16/2018 12:54 pm : link
I do hope we get Barkley and Hernandez. That would be great. There are some other good RB under the Radar. The kid out of Troy name Jordan Chunn. Man he is a Power back with speed.
I've revised my mock (with CBS Sports over-all rank) ...  
Manny in CA : 4/16/2018 11:33 pm : link

If Barkley is available ...

1st round (2nd overall) Barkley; PennState RB (6th best)
2nd round (34), Hernandez; UTEP guard (33)
3rd round (66) Auden Tate; Florida St. receiver (60)
3rd round (69) Bradley Bozeman; Alabama center (61)
4th round (104) Levi Wallace; Alabama CB (101)
5th round (130) Jayln HJolmes; Ohio State DE (177)

I think this draft is quality, covers major needs and is ver do-able. Only question is Hernandez, it might take one of our #3s (and also our #5) to jump up and get him in the middle of the 1st round (he is a key acquisition)
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