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NFT: RIP Harry Anderson

Mr. Bungle : 4/16/2018 7:19 pm
Sad day for Night Court fans. Only 65.
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AcidTest : 4/16/2018 7:26 pm : link
was very funny. RIP. God bless.
He was very good in his reoccurring role on Cheers  
steve in ky : 4/16/2018 7:27 pm : link
Far too young at 65, was he ill?
Famous for Night Court  
Ryan in Albany : 4/16/2018 7:30 pm : link
but I loved him best as Harry the Hat on Cheers. RIP.
liteamorn : 4/16/2018 7:39 pm : link
Too young
Not only was he young ...  
short lease : 4/16/2018 8:02 pm : link
he looked young - looked like he had a lot more time?

He had a nice run on Dave's World also.  
MOOPS : 4/16/2018 8:03 pm : link
That was right up there with Night Court for me. RIP.
Wasn’t he in “It”  
dep026 : 4/16/2018 8:58 pm : link
As well?
Super talented  
giantsFC : 4/16/2018 9:03 pm : link
Stand-up and Magic together. Not to mention night court.

Also a very personable guy. RIP
Yes! Harry the Hat on Cheers. Always got one up on good ol'  
SHO'NUFF : 4/16/2018 9:21 pm : link
Sam Malone. Here we go again in 3s: Mitzi Shore, Gunney Ermey and Harry Anderson.
Loved Night Court  
Jay in Toronto : 4/16/2018 9:23 pm : link

Too young :(
too bad. so young. Night COurt was great.  
Victor in CT : 4/17/2018 8:49 am : link
THe Mel Torme fixation was a great riff.
MadPlaid : 4/17/2018 9:18 am : link
He was such a talented comedian and magician. Loved Night Court.
Saw him in  
DelZotto : 4/17/2018 4:09 pm : link
Vegas back in the 70's, was the opening act for Glen Campbell or Joan Rivers can't remember which one.
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