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Tuesday Media Transcript: Head Coach Pat Shurmur

Eric from BBI : Admin : 4/24/2018 12:49 pm
Head Coach Pat Shurmur

Media Availability, April 24, 2018

Opening Statement: Oh boy, quite a crowd. All right, itís fun to be back out. This is kind of neat to have this first kind of veteran mini camp. Guys are out and ready to go, weíve got a good group out there. We just finished the walk through, so theyíre going to go in and have lunch and then weíll come out this afternoon and practice at about 12:30. Weíll do the same thing tomorrow and then on Thursday what weíll do is we wonít have a walk through, weíll practice a little bit earlier, get them out of here by noon, so that we can finish up our preparations for the draft. So with that, I will take your questions.

Q: What do you want to accomplish?

A: Well, I think the big thing for us is our game is very simple Ė itís about the ball, itís about negotiating the ground and itís really about man whipping man. Now this time of year there is not any contact so to speak, so that third part you canít work on very much. But, we can work on throwing and catching; the defense can work on defending and trying to strip. We can work on the coordination of running plays and defending plays and the kicking and the punting and all of that. So those are the things we are trying to do. Weíve given the guys two weeks of meetings and weíve put together a mini camp, thereís not a whole lot of scheme, but there is enough here to challenge them mentally and then hopefully by the end of these three days weíll walk away and know a lot more about our players as we move forward.

Q: How much of this is about team building also?

A: Yeah, I think everything you do is team building. This is the No. 1 team sport and I think anything you do, any team activities, anything worth doing is worth doing right, so weíre trying to do everything we can to make our team as good as possible.

Q: What are you hoping to see out of the quarterbacks this week and specifically out of Davis Webb?

A: We want it to look like football and Iím not trying to make a joke there, but we want to get the ball snapped, we want to get guys lined up properly Ė the progressions weíre giving them, we want to see them go through the progression, throw the ball accurately, things break down and use their legs and generally make good decisions, throw the ball on time and be accurate.

Q: You have talked several times about this camp and about what Davis Webb can do and show. Have you talked to him about that?

A: No, I think for him there has been a lot that has been made of this is like his tryout. Well, I donít think so. I think heís just like every other player out here. Theyíre trying to take what we give them and then go out here and execute and try to execute at a high level and I donít think there needs to be any anxiety on his part Ė get trained up, come on out here, let it rip and mistakes happen in practice and you learn from them. I think thatís why you practice, so I think you have to be careful about making a final evaluation on a guy in a three-day period here. He just needs to come out here and get as good as he can be.

Q: Have you learned anything about him in meetings?

A: Yeah, what Iíve learned is he cares, what Iíve learned is he is an extremely hard worker, what Iíve learned is he is very smart, he listens to what Eli (Manning) says, he listens to what all his coaches have been telling him. You can tell that he has learned things as time has gone along and I think what is important now is you take what you learned in the meeting rooms and bring it out here to the field and thatís what weíre going to see here in a couple hours.

Q: What is your feeling about Ereck Flowers not being in attendance?

A: Heís not here, so thereís not really much to say. Thatís my feelings.

Q: Are you disappointed at all?

A: Heís not here. We understand that this is a program that is voluntary. I tend to believe it is very necessary, but heís not here. So, when he is here, we will start to talk about him.

Q: How much has Odell been here, is he here now and what is the plan for him these three days?

A: Yeah, heís here and heís been here. Heís going through his rehab to get fully cleared, so he was able to be involved in the walk through, but as we get going here competitive full speed, he wonít be able to participate this afternoon.

Q: Are you planning for him to be a Giant this fall?

A: Absolutely. Heís an excellent player, heís part of our team and heís a very valued member of our team. Everybody thatís out here, Iím planning on them being here.

Q: Why did you guys cut Brandon Marshall when you did?

A: Well, that was a tough thing anytime you part ways with a veteran thatís done so much in his career. But, I think Dave (Gettleman) mentioned it and it came down to the physical.

Q: How do you feel about your receiver depth right now without him?

A: Well, weíll see. Again, thereís a lot of players that I know but I havenít seen them work yet, so weíll know more as we go through these next three days.

Q: How has your relationship with Odell grown?

A: Well, itís like any relationship Ė we constantly communicate, we had a great conversation yesterday. He came in and we sat down as we were getting ready for this mini camp so we could talk about what we were trying to get accomplished. Weíve spoken on the phone, we text, itís just like any relationship. Weíre very honest and open with one another and we communicate frequently.

Q: What has it been like working with Eli?

A: Itís a real joy. Iíve said all along that heís the fittest 37-year-old that Iíve ever seen. I see a guy that genuinely cares. I see a guy in the latter stages of his career that wants to learn a new offense just like heís a rookie. Heís got that enthusiasm and Iím looking forward to seeing him lead our team.

Q: Where is the team health-wise?

A: You guys are allowed to be here, right? Iíll allow you guys to do your little roll call.

Q: What have you seen so far from your defense?

A: Well, they got lined up properly in the walk through, thatís a start. Weíve got to be aligned properly and ready to roll. Iíve watched the coaches work with the players and what I like about our defense is thereís great communication, you can see theyíre excited about learning a new scheme. We have career coaches that are teaching the players and I see a lot of players that really feel challenged and want to be good. So, weíll get out here and try to be great.

Q: How are you balancing the minicamp this week and the NFL Draft later this week?

A: Yeah, thereís a draft, huh? Well, thereís been a lot of work done behind the scenes and certainly many, many hours putting the board together. Itís been a great experience for me, working with [General Manager] Dave [Gettleman] and [Assistant General Manager] Kevin [Abrams] and all of the scouts and really all of the player evaluation people. Whether youíre on the college end or the pro end, thereís a lot to the process. And being a part of it, Iíve been really impressed with how well they all work together. So, thatís been going on for a very long time and it intensifies as you get towards the draft. Weíve done a lot of work through, really, last night. Thereís work to be done today when we get off the field and really, you work right up until when you make those picks. So, weíll just work around playing football.

Q: Do you go out on the field today and envision how possible draft picks may fit into the team?

A: Not yet. Those are what we do off the field in the meeting rooms. Obviously, you want to have a vision for a guy that you want to pick. Out here, itís very simple: weíre working with all the players we have with the idea that theyíre all going to be here. We know the math is such where weíre going to have 53 of them. So, youíre trying to work with the players, get them as good as they can be and with every player, youíre sort of seeing, ĎOkay, this is how he would fit for us.í And so, I think thatís part of whatís going on these next three days.

Q: What is the most important thing quarterback Davis Webb could show you these next couple of days?

A: He needs to be able to execute the offense, he needs to be able to drop back, complete the ball. And then thereís just that feeling you get by watching a quarterback move the offense. Now, thereís not going to be a lot of that type of competitive stuff going on, but you can tell by the way a guy runs a huddle, the way he gets the offense lined up, the way he drops back and throws, the way he hands the ball off. Just all the things that a quarterback would do. And I think this is hopefully the first of many days of him developing within our system.
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