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Tuesday Media Transcript: CB Janoris Jenkins

Eric from BBI : Admin : 4/24/2018 12:52 pm
CB Janoris Jenkins
Media Availability, April 24, 2018

Q: Are you ready to go now or is it going to be like youíre going to have to work your way in?

A: No, Iím ready, Iím ready. Iím back to work just ready to be out here, excited and Iím just ready.

Q: When did you get back to 100 percent from the surgery?

A: I donít want to put a timeline. I donít want to give you any false information, but itís been like a couple weeks, like a month at the most.

Q: What do you think of the new defensive coordinator, his attitude and the scheme he is bringing?

A: I love him. Heís a defensive guy, you can tell he understands ball, heís all for the players and heís ready to work.

Q: Have you talked to Landon since you found out he had to have a second surgery and how are his spirits?

A: I talked to him. He had high spirits. We prayed for him Monday when he went in and I texted him this morning just checking up on him. I think heís going to be alright.

Q: I see you have been doing some recruiting on social media. Why do you want Dez Bryant here so bad?

A: Heís a great player. Itís not that I want him here, I just feel like depth is key in the NFL and whatever decision the organization makes, thatís on them.

Q: Itís kind of funny because you guys have had some good battles.

A: You have to understand between the lines is football. Outside of football, you have to understand itís the NFL, weíre all family, weíre all brothers, everybody gets along and weíre just competing at the moment.

Q: Even though you have shut him down, do you still think he is the elite type of playmaker that can help the team?

A: Heís a great player, man. Just because I did it doesnít mean it will continue for everybody. I just think everybody deserves a second opportunity and weíll see how that goes.

Q: What is the feeling around here with a new coach, general manager and whole new attitude?
A: Excitement. Everybody is ready, everybody knows what is expected around here and weíre just ready to go.

Q: How much did you learn about yourself last year with what you guys had to go through as a team?

A: I learned a lot. Just facing adversity. Whether itís me not showing up to practice or us losing, everybody not on the same page and just ready to kick off and pile energy all year.

Q: With the draft coming up, the fans and the media obsess over that stuff. How interested are you in the draft?

A: Iím not really into it. Iíll watch it, but as far as who we get, I just sit back and just see. I just want players that want to win and the organization makes that decision.

Q: Can you promise that what happened last year wonít happen this year?

A: I promise yíall that Jackrabbit says it wonít happen this year what happened last year. There wonít be any animosity between players, no disrespecting the coach. There will be none of that. New York Giant football is back.

Q: Is this a fresh start for you?

A: Itís a fresh start for everybody. Weíve got a new coaching staff, new general manager and everybody is clean. You just come in with positive energy, focused and ready to go.

Q: What are your expectations for this team?

A: Get better everyday and continue to work until football season starts.

Q: Was it tough to see DRC leave?

A: It was tough. A great guy, I enjoyed playing with him and I wish him the best.

Q: Do you think Eli Apple can step up after the year he had?

A: Of course. You have to understand that he was young. Itís a clean slate, new coaching staff and for him itís guys like me that have to push him and help him out because Iíve been in the league so long and just help him understand that adversity is going to hit you and when it hits, youíve just got to keep it going.

Q: There are a lot of new pieces in the secondary. How have you guys all come together right now?

A: Everyday, just work. Everybody learns the system in and out and just push each other. Everybody is not going to start, but at the end of the day youíve got to look at it Ė itís the NFL, youíve got 16 games, everybody is a starter.

Q: Do you have a chip on your shoulder coming off last year?

A: Iím just going to be Jackrabbit, man. Iíll do what I have to do between the lines and stay positive.

Q: Is the way you played in 2016 the level you want to get back to?

A: Nothing has changed, but I had an injury. Nothing has changed.

Q: Did that injury bother you all of last season?

A: I came into it with it, but I didnít let anybody know until it got worse. Just me being an athlete and wanting to compete, but it is what it is.

Q: Considering what you went through and then what Eli Apple went through, is it fair to say that this offseason has brought you guys a little bit closer?

A: We have always been close. Itís just when adversity hit, everybody adjusted and made the wrong mistakes and talked about each other the wrong way. Like I said, just pull him in closer, pull everybody in closer like brotherly love and just keep it moving.

Q: Have you been doing that with Eli this offseason?

A: Yeah, I talk to him, text him and make sure heís in high spirits and is ready to work. Iím just trying to be a big brother.
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