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Tuesday Media Transcript: DE Olivier Vernon

Eric from BBI : Admin : 4/24/2018 1:11 pm
Defensive End Olivier Vernon
Media Availability, April 24, 2018

Q: What do you think of the new regime?
A: Hey, itís a fresh new start, clean slate. Itís a clean slate for a lot of guys, including myself. Just ready to get it moving and see how it goes.

Q: What do you think of the new leadership?
A: Everythingís just brand new right now. Weíve got a lot of new faces on the team and on the staff. Right now I can just only go from what Iíve seen already, which is a lot of new faces, a lot of new people in this building.

Q: Are you excited?
A: Most definitely. Itís getting closer and closer to the season, thatís always an exciting thing. Just ready to keep it moving.

Q: How is the team going to use you?
A: Right now, you might have to ask Coach. I just know right now that itís a whole different defense and whatever the game plan is, whatever weíve got in the playbook, Iím just going to follow what it is.

Q: Do you like what youíve seen so far from the new defense?
A: Yeah, itís got different schemes, a whole new different scheme. Itís a changeup from last year. Itís something different.

Q: How do you feel about being a stand up guy on the outside, in a two-point stance?
A: Itís nothing really different for me, Iíve done that in the past. Right now, itís just different play calls, different terminology. So, thatís basically it.

Q: How much and where have you done that in the past?
A: I mean, I stood up and was in a three-point when I was here and when I was in Miami I stood up. So, nothing much thatís different.

Q: How much of what you did last year will be a help for you this year?
A: You know, weíll have to see. Like I said, right now is about digesting the playbook, getting everything in right now and everything else is going to play in.

Q: Defensive Coordinator James Bettcher said heíll probably use you like he used Chandler Jones in Arizona. Are you familiar with how they used him?
A: Yeah, I mean he was still rushing a whole lot. I think he led the league in sacks last year. So, he was still down there rushing and getting after the quarterback and when it came down to the schemes and stuff like that, using him and dropping him and stuff like that. So, weíve just got to see.

Q: Are you going to be in a new position room?
A: Thatís one thing Iíve got to get adjusted to a little bit, but yeah. Right now, in a different room. Just trying to digest everything.

Q: Youíre now one of the bigger guys in your position room, right?
A: Yeah, a little bit. But weíll see how everything goes.

Q: How do you feel, health-wise?
A: I feel pretty good. Feel pretty good. I know itís a little far right now, but just waiting to get back in the pads.

Q: Have you been frustrated that you havenít been able to make it through a whole season and have you changed anything to try and prevent that?
A: Yeah, I missed my first game last year and it turned into four, so that wasnít normal for me. So, my position is staying how it was before, always trying to stay healthy and play a full season. Once youíre healthy, you can be out there. If youíre not, you canít make any plays for the team.

Q: What was your reaction when former defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul got traded to Tampa Bay?
A: Thatís over my head right there. I know JPP, man, that was my boy. We didnít play [too long] together, but in the time that we did play, it was great. He was a great guy, a great teammate, a great player. So, I wish him the best down there in Tampa. I know heís going to do his thing and handle his business.

Q: Why did you come to voluntary program this year?
A: Well, I have to learn the playbook. Itís something different, so I had to show up and learn the many faces that we have here, get the chemistry down pat and link up with the coaches.

Q: Are you disappointed that offensive lineman Ereck Flowers isnít here?
A: (JOKINGLY) I saw him in the building, so I donít know what yíall are talking about.

Q: Is it invigorating at this point in your career to have a new system and almost a clean start here?
A: Yeah, I mean, itís always good when you have a clean slate. I mean, I treat every year like a clean slate. You go every year, it doesnít matter what you did last year, the year before. You come in and it starts at zero again. So, we havenít even had our first practice yet, but I think Iím excited and everybody else is.

Q: Do you pay attention to all of the chatter and rumors surrounding this weekís NFL Draft?
A: Iíll be honest with you, not really. But whoever we get, I know itís going to be a great decision on the people that are picking, to add guys that can help contribute to winning on this team.

Q: Does it intrigue you to play the same type of role as Arizonaís Chandler Jones, seeing what he accomplished last year?
A: I mean, weíre two different players. Chandler Jones is his own player, Iím my own player. He had a great season last year and that just happens. He was doing what he had to do, they had a great defense and right now, weíre just trying to get everything down pat, chemistry as well. And weíll see from there.

Q: Do you have to train differently for your new role?
A: No, not really. Just been training the same way Iíve always been. In the past Iíve done drops in coverage and everything like that, so itís not really that much foreign territory for me. But, weíll see how it goes.
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