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Tuesday Media Transcript: OT Nate Solder

Eric from BBI : Admin : 4/24/2018 1:26 pm
Tackle Nate Solder
Media Availability, April 24, 2018

Q: What is it like to be here?
A: Iím so excited. Iím so grateful for this opportunity. A great organization, Iím getting to know my teammates slowly but surely and weíre learning everything that we need to learn, hopefully.

Q: What makes you feel like this is a great organization?
A: Yeah, I came from a great organization, too. The way they received me, the high quality of the way they run things around here, the quality of people that Iíve been around here the couple weeks that Iíve been here has been as good as any.

Q: Is this the time of year when an offensive line builds the chemistry that is going to pay off during the season?
A: Yeah, we spend a lot of time together, now through our offseason. Once the camp starts, thereís a lot of time that weíve got to spend together to get to know each other, playing side by side.

Q: What has the last month been like for you?
A: Weíve been transitioning as quickly and as easily as we can. So, weíve been finding a place to stay, weíve been selling our place in Massachusetts and trying to situate the kids, the healthcare, the schools for my wife, everything like that.

Q: How different is this offense for you?
A: Well, I havenít been in it long enough to really get all of the details of how itís different and how itís the same, but like I said, Iím just trying to learn as fast as I can because weíre going to have some games coming up here that weíre going to have to know it pretty well.

Q: Is blocking, blocking?
A: A lot of times, it is, a lot of times it is. And your technique, your footwork all kind of parallel to each other a lot of times.

Q: What do you think of offensive lineman Ereck Flowers not being here today?
A: I donít know him, I donít know whatís going on. Iím sure heís trying to do the best he can for himself for whatever heís got going on and thatís good for him. Iím not going to talk about whoís here and whoís not here, but the guys that are here, weíre working hard, weíre trying to do out best with what weíve got.

Q: Do you have to find a balancing point between speaking up and being a leader and trying to find your place when coming to a new team?
A: I try to stay pretty quiet, thatís just kind of how my personality is kind of wired. I just want to listen, I want to learn how guys are doing things, I want to pay attention to what my coaches tell me to do. I donít think that thereís always a place to just come in and push your way around, I think that you just do the best that you can with what youíve got.

Q: How is your relationship with quarterback Eli Manning so far?
A: Well, Iíve gotten to speak with him a little bit, but I donít know him that well, itís been a couple weeks. So, I think thereís a lot of great players, really high character people, really quality people, guys that care, work hard. Itís a great organization, like I said.

Q: How do the rumors currently surrounding New England quarterback Tom Brady jive with what you know about his plans?
A: I have no idea what his plans are. I love that guy, heís an awesome guy, so whatever it is, Iím sure heís doing the right thing.

Q: Is it weird walking around this building and seeing the Giants Super Bowl wins over the Patriots?
A: [laughs] That is funny, but you know what, they have a ton of respect for this organization, as well as this organization for that one, so itís just a great opportunity for me to be here.

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