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Wednesday Media Transcript: Head Coach Pat Shurmur

Eric from BBI : Admin : 4/25/2018 1:26 pm
Head Coach Pat Shurmur
April 25, 2018

Opening Statement:
Day two. You had a chance to watch it yesterday. I thought, for the most part, the guys competed. There were some good plays, thereís some bad plays. I thought their attention to detail was pretty good. We did some good things throwing and catching. I thought the defense defended and stripped a couple of balls, which was good. When you watch a practice, I think sometimes youíve got to be careful assigning blame to the good, the bad and the ugly because as you go through practice, there are mistakes that get made and there are reasons for it and thatís why you practice. So that you can go back in and clean them up and attempt to get better the next day. So, a good first day. As you just watched, we had our walk-through. The attention to detail has been good and weíll try to add to it a little bit today. Weíre going to add some high red zone stuff. The red zone is certainly, in my opinion, the most important part of the field. So, we get it going and all of the preparation early, so weíll do it today and tomorrow. With that, Iíll take your questions.

Q: How much of your schemes are you going to install during this minicamp and do you focus on some areas more than others?
A: No, I think what youíre trying to do is youíre trying to teach the guys how to function. Itís important, especially on offense, and even on defense, when youíre playing multiple positions, to learn this thing conceptually and then go out and try to function and play fast. I think thatís what youíre trying to do. So, in terms of the scheme, itís hard to say the percentage. Thereís a good amount in, but I wouldnít say if itís over half or two-thirds or whatever.

Q: Was defensive tackle Damon Harrisonís absence yesterday an excused absence?
A: Yeah, I talked with him, Iím aware of why he wasnít here. So, thereís no real issues there.

Q: How did you like the way quarterback Davis Webb looked?
A: Davis did a good job for the first time out. Again, I thought heís just getting a feel for what weíre trying to do offensively and it was a good first day.

Q: Can you talk about the advantages of getting an extra minicamp and the disadvantages of having to balance this minicamp with preparing for this weekís NFL Draft?
A: Well, youíre right, we have things right in parallel here. But every year itís the same way. Even if weíre not out here on the field in an extra minicamp, weíre still working with the players in preparation for the draft. Thereís been a lot of work done on the draft behind the scenes, I mentioned it yesterday. We had some final meetings today and weíll have some final, final meetings tonight and some final, final, final meetings tomorrow and then weíll get ready to go. Actually, the preparation for the draft continues all the way up until you make the pick. So, thatís always the same. The advantage of having this extra minicamp, especially for me, is I get an opportunity as a new coach to watch the players, get to know them. You think you know them because you met them in your office, or you watched them do certain things, but you really donít start to get to really know a player until you see him out moving around. And thatís been very, very good for me.

Q: Is there anything you learned about your two quarterbacks yesterday that you didnít know before?
A: Well first, with Eli [Manning], this guyís a pro. So, what you noticed about him is you only have to run a play or two and he gets the drill calibrated and he gets his feet right and he makes the throw. I quickly, after being with him one day on the field, see why heís been so successful for so long. Heís a pro. And I admired what he did yesterday in the first time out. So, thatís first Eli. And then with Davis, you see his size, heís got excellent arm strength. I think he moves around real well and itís just a matter of just smoothing things out. So, thatís what youíre trying to get as you go through kind of a pattern, or kind of a sequence of practices.

Q: You have said that quarterbacks come in all shapes and sizes. You have two here that are big. Do you like that?
A: I fancy guys that are tall. You can see. Some of us are challenged in terms of height, so even in a setting like this, youíre trying to find sightlines. Itís no different for a quarterback when he is behind a very tall offensive line. All else being equal, as long as all the skillsets are equal or maybe even a little better than equal, guys that can see have a chance to be very good.

Q: You said you were aware of why Snacks isnít here. Is it injury or personal?
A: No, itís just weíve spoken.

Q: Do you expect him back for the next camp?
A: I expect him back soon.

Q: How do you balance in the draft as a coach wanting to win and having a player that helps you right away with getting a potential franchise quarterback for the future?
A: Right, well I think really the narrative is that every player we pick is going to help us win. Done. And thatís the way I look at this. I really am excited about this draft because I really believe after going through the process and seeing the way that Dave (Gettleman) and Kevin (Abrams) and all the scouts and all the player evaluation people and all the conversation, Iím very confident that we are going to pick players that are going to help us in all rounds of the draft, so thatís where my excitement lies.

Q: What happened to Paul Perkins? He was in a sling yesterday.
A: Yeah, heís got a sore arm.†

Q: Is there any advantage to the fact that you installed this offense with another team only two years ago?
A: Yeah there is. There is an advantage to how the whole thing came together. Mike Shula and I have familiarity; the coaches that we have are career coaches that weíve hired Ė very outstanding teachers. There are things that will be very similar to the guys that were in Minnesota and then weíve added things. There is a handful of things that the guys here on the Giants did a year ago that weíve incorporated, so thatís sort of what happens. When you put new players together with new coaches, we like to think that we take all of the good things from our past and blend it with all the guys that start to come together and then thatís what becomes your offense. So I think thatís the process that we went through.

Q: You talked about seeing your players for the first time on the field and learning and seeing mistakes and watching video. For yourself, do you have to re-learn how to be a head coach?
A: Oh, I donít know. I think I try to re-learn everything everyday and get better at things. I think itís important for me to keep kind of a wide perspective on things. When youíre the offensive coordinator and thereís an interception, youíre super pissed off. Now, thatís your defense, so youíre sort of happy about that in some situations. So yeah, itís easy to do Ė I think. Weíll figure it out.

Q: With Ereck Flowers not being here, are you able to call him and talk football? And if so, has anyone reached out to do that to gauge where he is?
A: Yeah, Iíve talked to him a couple of times. If you talk to the players, Iím sure there are certain players that have called him, but if they are not here Ė how much you can get done in a short phone call is not much.†

Q: Is he upset about the position move?
A: I donít know. He hadnít talked about that with me.

Q: With all the draft preparation that you have done, do you have a strong idea of the player that you want or intend to take at No. 2?
A: We have a strong opinion of the players that we really like and we would consider picking.†
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