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NFT: NHL - no licking

XBRONX : 5/6/2018 11:44 am
Is that correct that Brad Marchand has licked two players?
BleedBlue : 5/6/2018 11:50 am : link
i saw the video if one, it was disgusting, he literally licks his upper lip/nose
Hopefully they are sent home today  
MetsAreBack : 5/6/2018 11:54 am : link
Go Bolts  
Jints in Carolina : 5/6/2018 1:32 pm : link
He's alwways been a POS.  
yatqb : 5/6/2018 1:40 pm : link
I hope the league suspends him if he does it again.
Marchand is such a scumbag  
Ben in Tampa : 5/6/2018 1:43 pm : link
First he threw that bullshit hit on Callahan and then he licked him.

Iím headed over to the arena in about 30 minutes, to hopefully see the end of this series. Go Bolts!
Well, now heíll have to go play for the Lightning  
Jim in Fairfax : 5/6/2018 2:00 pm : link
Fans claimed  
pjcas18 : 5/6/2018 2:21 pm : link
Crosby spit at Kuznetsov in game 4, but based on the reaction of Kuznetzov I doubt he did, and the Capitals haven't claimed he did, just fans from what I know.

If someone licked me, I feel like I'd lose it and maybe that's what Marchand wants, but if I'm Cooper I take a trade off of Callahan for Marchand any day.

I'm one of a few  
mgreenie03 : 5/6/2018 2:40 pm : link
Bruins fans who can't stand his antics and BS. When he plays the game he is a pretty damn good player. He just needs to stop the BS already.

Yes I think the Bs are done today too. Tired and slow team.
For a team  
old man : 5/6/2018 4:32 pm : link
that truly can NOT:
Skate well,
Shot the puck well,
and has NO CLUE where that teammate is or will be when they pass the puck, and,
has that 6'10" geek that is uselessly and needlessly signed through next season already,
They are remarkably successful.
The Giants were far less incompetent and were 3-13: go figure sports.
Theyre D will meltdown under 2 or 3rd period pressure.

As for Marchand,his actions are getting more bizarre every time. I'm kind of concerned for the guy, and he's likely one of maybe 5-6 guys on that team that are truly worth more than a bag of donuts, etc.
A Tampa-Winnpeg final might not be what the NHL wants  
Greg from LI : 5/6/2018 4:46 pm : link
...because of market size, but man I'd kill to see that matchup. That would promise to be the most exciting Final series in a long time.
Goodbye bitches  
Jints in Carolina : 5/6/2018 6:12 pm : link
Bring on a Vegas-TB or WSH Final
Vegas wins 3-0 eliminate sharks  
gtt350 : 5/6/2018 11:13 pm : link
amazing team.
Nomad Crow on the Madison : 5/7/2018 7:40 am : link
finally seems to have their act together, and they are a formidable team of linebackers who can skate. Vegas vs Winnipeg will be great series if the Jets can finish off Nashville. These next two series are going to be exciting.
RE: Winnipeg  
SeanLandeta : 5/7/2018 7:42 am : link
In comment 13956514 Nomad Crow on the Madison said:
finally seems to have their act together, and they are a formidable team of linebackers who can skate. Vegas vs Winnipeg will be great series if the Jets can finish off Nashville. These next two series are going to be exciting.

Agreed, going to be fun watching the conf finals match-ups. At this point I want the western team to win. From the east, all the remaining teams are quite hate-able (IMO).
Winnipeg v. Tampa  
5BowlsSoon : 5/7/2018 8:13 am : link
Absolutely want this.

Oh, and thank you Bolts for punching out the Bruins. Love it....hate that team so much, although they did have a great year and their top line played awesome.
Yea great to see Boston and that scumbag Marchant go down.  
Stu11 : 5/7/2018 10:01 am : link
TB has really impressed me. I knew they were skilled, but they have really impressed me with their physicality in the playoffs. Also Vasilevskiy has found his early season form. They may be the favs for the cup right now. Of course the Vegas story continues to be a great one. Interesting to see if Nashville has the champion balls to pull this one out as Winnipeg's top scorers have been absolutely on fire. If your Ovechkin you need to make sure some how some way you win this series with Pitt. No excuses.
best recent quote. asked about chippy play in the playoffs  
gtt350 : 5/7/2018 10:53 am : link
" well things seem to calm down a bit when I get out there" Ryan Reaves Vegas Knight
piss on Vegas  
Greg from LI : 5/7/2018 10:58 am : link
Hope Winnipeg smokes em
why the hostility gregg? they are a humble hard playing  
gtt350 : 5/7/2018 11:40 am : link
fast skating team
Because I don't want to see an expansion team in the playoffs  
Greg from LI : 5/7/2018 12:11 pm : link
Those fans haven't paid their dues. It's the same reason I was rooting hard against the Avalanche in the 1996 playoffs.
well a town without a major sports team and wanting one for years  
gtt350 : 5/7/2018 3:14 pm : link
is kind of paying dues. I see your point but man it's nuts out here.
Players nobody wanted a team nobody can beat. their nickname is the misfits. Hard not to root for them
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