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NFT: Eli & The Mannings: Magical Cookies

Bluenatic : 5/8/2018 3:45 pm
Just wanted to make the community aware of some new music created by fellow Giants die-hards.

Eli & The Mannings (or EATM) is a freeform improvisational musical collective that is in no way affiliated, legally or otherwise, with its patron saint, the Honorable Elisha Nelson Manning. EATM is just a gang of chill weirdos—some experienced musicians, some not—who convene a couple of times a year to blend experimentation with absurdity and arrive at a sound that is often strange, sometimes beautiful, and consistently unpredictable.

Listening to an Eli & The Mannings album requires a complete detachment from expectation and an open-minded surrender to the magic of live improvisation. Transitioning effortlessly across genres between (and sometimes during) songs, EATM explores elements of hip hop, rock, jazz, blues, soul, folk, pop, country, latin, spoken word, comedy, and other forms to create truly original, one-of-a-kind recordings.

Recorded live over a Fall 2017 weekend at Pleasant View Studios in Hillsdale, New York, Magical Cookies is the twelfth album of 100% improvised music that EATM has recorded since their formation in 2012. Personnel over these sessions was fluid and at times interchangeable. Edited and sequenced by Old Yist for this special blocSonic release, it represents the most concise distillation to date of the EATM experience.

Listen to or download Magical Cookies FOR FREE exclusively at the link provided below.


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