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Barkley's Build.

TC : 5/11/2018 7:17 pm
As a guy who has played a little, subsequently got into a bit of bodybuilding, and has remained a football fan for about 60 years, I've finally gotten a better look at Barkley's physique, and he's amazing and unusual.

He's got proportionately shorter and a very thick and powerful legs. Both thighs AND calves. He's got thick joints, both ankles and knees. A build like this is ideal for a RB from a number of perspectives. His lowers are very strong and powerful. He's less likely to be fragile and get injured, or injure himself, in part because the structures are more robust, including the connective tissue. And he'll have a lower CG, both because of his leg proportions and because he carries a fair percentage of his weight below the waist. This also tends to offer significant advantages for balance. And that's a natural advantage for a RB, the opposite of someone like Brandon Jacobs who, while enormously strong, was so tall, and with long legs that tackle attempts below or at the knee were his Kryptonite.

But a build like this can also have natural disadvantages. Often thicker joints can come with less agility, and thick-legged guys also don't usually have top notch speed compared to other RB's who are built more like Usain Bolt, who has a build optimized for speed.

But Saquon along with the advantages inherent to his build IS very fast, IS explosive and IS tremendously agile.

The gifts he has in combination, if not unique, are extremely rare. You just don't see many guys built like this, and those you do, can't do the kind of stuff he can do.

For sure  
Dan Blue : 5/11/2018 7:34 pm : link
That young man is built like a freight train. There wonít be any arm tackling him. Canít wait to see him this Fall.
Please expand on how  
8 Ball : 5/11/2018 7:36 pm : link
you were able to get a good look at his physique. Are you his masseuse or something?
Serious question ....  
short lease : 5/11/2018 7:56 pm : link

How do you know how thick his joints are?
Are we talking Bob Marley joints?  
Reale01 : 5/11/2018 8:06 pm : link
Thick and strong
RE: Serious question ....  
Diver_Down : 5/11/2018 8:06 pm : link
In comment 13961435 short lease said:

How do you know how thick his joints are?

Scott in Morgantown said so.
Not a wise ass answer, . . . .  
TC : 5/11/2018 8:08 pm : link
I looked. It's not as if I'm the first to notice his strong lower body, but in the Twitter feed that Eric had up one photo was particularly revealing of Barkley in his jersey and shorts in a motion where his leg was bent and both his quads and calf muscles were flexed. It was from the side, and what I've pointed out could clearly be seen. His calves in particular are massive, and both joints are thick.

When you were bodybuilding, did you go to shows? Study how to evaluate competitors, and the assets and deficiencies that each guy had to polish, or overcome? You learn to size things up pretty quickly.
All of this can be explained by  
Diver_Down : 5/11/2018 8:08 pm : link
Does anyone remember Jimmy the Greek?  
Doomster : 5/11/2018 9:58 pm : link
Southern Man : 5/11/2018 10:06 pm : link
good one
The Michelangelo picture  
Dr. D : 5/12/2018 11:02 am : link
Is really worth a thousand words.
Bluesbreaker : 5/12/2018 2:27 pm : link
The Michelangelo picture
Dr. D : 11:02 am : link : reply
Is really worth a thousand words.

Friggen Legs are just ripped .arm tackles won't cut it and
watching his highlights he doesn't seem to take a lot of big hits .Should be fun to watch !
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