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Float like butterfly, sting like bee ...

Manny in CA : 5/11/2018 10:56 pm
Recall this was Ali's signature in the ring, I think Barkley can do the same on the grid-iron. What's amazing is how he can turn on a dime at 230 lbs !

Look at those race-horse type legs ...

I want to see our O-line be the very best zone blocking team in the NFL to support this guy.
The o-line should be better, but the very best is a tall order  
Ira : 5/11/2018 10:58 pm : link
Southern Man : 5/12/2018 12:01 am : link
Played Mike Tysonís Punchout tonight with my buddy  
Daniel in Kentucky : 5/12/2018 1:14 am : link
Skinny thumbs  
Jay in Toronto : 5/12/2018 5:16 am : link
No thanks!
Kimberly Jones described his calfs as "the size of hams".  
Blue21 : 5/12/2018 7:46 am : link
One of our offensive lineman  
Jimmy Googs : 5/12/2018 7:48 am : link
already trying to hold...
Arm tackle  
Coach Red Beaulieu : 5/12/2018 10:31 am : link
Meet Saquon's thighs and calves.
Those legs are begging for some speed lines  
j_rud : 5/12/2018 10:49 am : link
Paging CiP...
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