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Paul Perkins is on (non-football) injured reserve now

Eric from BBI : Admin : 5/12/2018 9:08 am
I had forgotten there was a NFI.

Giants still own his rights.
Amazing how many false reports or bad reports there were.  
robbieballs2003 : 5/12/2018 9:13 am : link
I was listening to Sirius yesterday morning and Alex Marvez said the Giants cut Paul Palmer. Then he continues to go on about how the Giants are cutting bait with players and how they are changing the culture. Yada, yada, yada. Someone eventually corrected him that it is Paul PERKINS not Palmer.

By all accounts, Perkins is a great guy. He had a down year last year. I hope he comes back ready to go next year.
It would have been a shame if his Giants tenure ended like that  
jcn56 : 5/12/2018 9:36 am : link
Let's hope he recovers and gets a chance to compete for a spot next season. The guy had talent and completely fell off a cliff in 17, but he wasn't alone.
Perkins Was Handed The Starting Job Last Off Season and...  
Jim in Tampa : 5/12/2018 10:35 am : link
He rushed for 2.2 ypc. in 2017.

And before you try to blame that on the OL please note that Darkwa's ypc. was 4.4 and Gallman rushed for 4.3 ypc.

Do you know who else rushed for 2.2 ypc. last year? Eli.

Maybe Perkins can come back and contribute next year, but the odds are certainly against it.

Shurmur said the injury would  
Dave on the UWS : 5/13/2018 1:23 pm : link
keep him sidelined until November, so they made the move for the roster spot. I don't think it means anything one way or the other about the player.
mdthedream : 5/14/2018 7:28 am : link
ran behind the line that totally sucked and everyone knew it. The dumb ass coach didn't make the right change coming out of preseason. Darkwa got to run with a better Olne not a great oline a better one. No issue on Perkins leaving or whatever just saying.
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