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Davis Webb throwing

Adam G in Big D : 5/13/2018 3:41 pm
Any QB whisperers on this website?

Anyone impressed by this workout?
Lonk to Davis Webb throwing the football in a gymnasium - ( New Window )
I saw only 2 passes from thrown to completed.  
Giant John : 5/13/2018 4:16 pm : link
Both were behind the receiver and looked to be about 20 yards each.
This video showed me nothing to get excited about.
If Davis Webb fails  
BigBlueDownTheShore : 5/13/2018 4:26 pm : link
Itís jot because of effort, it will because he just doesnít have it.
Iím no QB expert, but Iíd say one thing we can see in that video  
mfsd : 5/13/2018 4:26 pm : link
is the same thing we saw in preseason last year, heís pretty nimble on his feet
He definitely has a stronger gun than Lauletta,  
Jerry "Championship" Reese : 5/13/2018 4:41 pm : link
He is equally nimble and mobile to Lauletta, accuracy on short balls probably lesser than Lauletta but long ball accuracy is better. Only time will tell, I like the odds of one of Webb or Lauletta turning into a worthy starter, ideally both!
Should be a great competition with these QBs  
TMS : 5/13/2018 4:58 pm : link
We have a great bunch of evaluators as well. ELI will get his well deserved shot at another great season as well. Sit back and enjoy when Barkley breaks the back of defenses with his skill set .
doubt that Davis Webb  
Steve in South Jersey : 5/13/2018 5:02 pm : link
ever takes a day off.
he's easy to root for  
GiantsFan84 : 5/13/2018 5:12 pm : link
i have no idea if he will be good, but he is exactly the type of qb to take a chance on in the middle rounds. all the tools and a good work ethic
No no no  
GeorgeAdams33 : 5/13/2018 5:38 pm : link
Barkley will break their backs with his knee. Like so. ~ El Ass-O Wipe-O
While you want to see that a QB can make all the throws...  
Jarvis : 5/13/2018 5:56 pm : link
being a great QB is about decision making. You can't glean that from any video of a QB throwing in a gym.
joeinpa : 5/13/2018 7:17 pm : link
You like the odds! Based on what.

Seems the guys who did not want Giants to take a quarterback are beginning to understand the implications of Webb or Lauletta not being the guy.
I think the perception on Davis is clouded  
G-crew18 : 5/13/2018 7:47 pm : link
by the ineptness of MacAdoo rather than Webb's actual developmental status. Davis was never given an opportunity, outside of the last preseason game against the Patriots. If you recall he played well bringing the team a win with a last-minute game-winning drive. The former coach was unwilling to give the rookie QB an opportunity. What cannot be denied is that the time Davis has spent with Eli breaking down game film. Such tutoring by Eli should have a positive influence on recognition and decision making.
arcarsenal : 5/13/2018 8:00 pm : link
I wish we could just combine the damn backups into one, ideal skillset.

Give Lauletta the extra couple inches Webb has height-wise as well as the arm strength and he'd be a pretty ideal prospect.

I still think if one of these two guys is going to make it, it's Lauletta. He doesn't throw as hard but the accuracy, vision and anticipation seem much better than what Webb showed at the collegiate level. He throws a really nice ball. He just doesn't have a cannon.

For Pat Shurmur, I'm not sure that'll matter as much.

If PS is still here when Eli is done for good, I think Lauletta will be the one who fits into his offense best.

Doesn't mean I'm not rooting for Webb, though. Just need one of these two to pan out and it's a home run.
He is going to be a career backup  
Sy'56 : 5/13/2018 9:29 pm : link
A good one. But thats it.
Jerry "Championship" Reese : 5/13/2018 10:12 pm : link
How can you be so sure Webb will be a career backup? I just don't understand how you could know this. I don't care how much film you watch or who you evaluate. I know you've been certain players would be great and they busted; conversely, I'm sure you have thought many players would be career backups that ended up being stellar starters. I don't think you can reasonably act like you have a crystal ball that can see the future on your scouting.
RE: He is going to be a career backup  
old man : 5/13/2018 10:37 pm : link
In comment 13962660 Sy'56 said:
A good one. But thats it.

Pretty bold statement, Sy!
And I'm not judging it, but, what would be your bold statement on Lauletta, for comparison?
Can somebody explain to me why anyone cares this much  
Ten Ton Hammer : 5/13/2018 11:18 pm : link
about a mid round drafted QB picked by Jerry Reese and possibly Ben McAdoo?

For what reason do we have any expectation that this player is going to be any different from the line of failed QBs and failed middle of the draft players selected by that administration?
Dragon : 5/14/2018 12:21 am : link
Is doing everything he can to prepare himself just hope he is spending as much time in the playbook. I expect him to be a year ahead of the rookie and a real challenge to Eli or everybody is wrong about his work ethic and ability. The guy has everything that you can ask for at the QB position so now itís all about showing it on the field. He had his year of NFL internship he should be ready to play nobody is perfect but itís time to answer all the questions many have about him.
mdthedream : 5/14/2018 6:47 am : link
LOL! No one is going to judge anything from that video. We will see when the preseason begins and he plays some preseason games.
Sy pretty much stated that  
BigBlueDownTheShore : 5/14/2018 9:38 am : link
Webb was going to have a ceiling of Brock Osweiler... so there is a huge endorsement.

You can't ask for much more in Webb though. Like I said, if he fails, it will be because he doesn't have it.
AcidTest : 5/14/2018 10:14 am : link
think the likely ceiling for Webb and Lauletta is career backup, because that's true of the overwhelming majority of third and fourth round QBs. Fans always think their team got a "steal," especially with QBs. Many "draft gurus" are saying that Lauletta was a steal, but last year many said that Webb might be drafted in the first round. One in fact said he thought Webb was the best QB in the draft. But the end result was the same. Teams passed on both multiple times, even though QB is the most important position on the field.

I supported the Webb pick because of his arm strength, excellent combine, and incredible work ethic. I also thought like many here that we were much more likely to be 13-3 than 3-13, and would therefore have no chance at any of the big name QBs projected to be available in 2018. But Webb comes from a "Bear Raid" offense where he rarely made reads or throws at the second and third levels since 65% of his passes were within 10 yards of the LOS. He also never spent any time under center. That is a difficult transition.

Lauletta comes from a small program, and his lack of arm strength will make it difficult for him to challenge NFL CBs on deep outs and sideline comebacks outside the hashmarks. That compresses the field towards the middle, increasing the chance of INTs from tipped passes.

Webb's arm strength gives him a slightly better chance than Lauletta to be the long term successor to Eli, but neither is likely to do so.
The chances of either Lauletta or Webb  
Essex : 5/14/2018 10:19 am : link
being the eventual long-term successor to Eli is very slim. By drafting Lauletta, we got a second lottery ticket, but the odds of each ticket is very small to becoming a success. And, to me the whole thing is weird. Before draft day, everyone was saying "But, what about Webb...he could be the guy." Now, since we got Lauletta in the fourth round (a round later than Webb) people seem ready to forget about Webb. I understand people wanting to root for either to be successful, because that would be magic for us, but the chances of either is still very, very remote.
Shurmur and Shula have excellent reputations  
TMS : 5/14/2018 2:22 pm : link
for evaluating QBs and developing them. We know ELI was able to play so we can add him to the mix. Think we are in good hands. Think positive we are still undefeated.
RE: Shurmur and Shula have excellent reputations  
Jay on the Island : 5/14/2018 5:55 pm : link
In comment 13963396 TMS said:
for evaluating QBs and developing them. We know ELI was able to play so we can add him to the mix. Think we are in good hands. Think positive we are still undefeated.

This. The job that Shurmur did last season with Keenum and in the past with Foles has me encouraged. Yes the chances are slim that either will develop into a great QB but they are in a perfect situation for a young QB. They aren't going to be rushed to play so they can develop at their own pace. They also get to learn behind Eli and see how he prepares day in and day out and what it takes to be a starting QB in the NFL.
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