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NFT: Bounce House near tragedy ....

Manny in CA : 5/14/2018 8:28 pm
Dusty little town, out here in the California desert came close to witnessing the death of a small child as "Bounce House" is hit by car on a near-by highway ....

A freak occurence, but I didn't realize the number of kids that are hurt each year in those things.
That's why you gotta call Uncle Magic  
DennyInDenville : 5/14/2018 8:30 pm : link
Best bounce houses
The car thing isnít a reason why they are unsafe  
UConn4523 : 5/14/2018 8:33 pm : link
it usually a shitty company not securing it and gusty winds picking the thing up and tossing it with kids inside.
I don't know if this things are regulated ...  
Manny in CA : 5/14/2018 10:17 pm : link

Anywhere. I hate government sticking it's foot where they don't belong, but does the average person think that these huge things are going to be picked up and fly over the fence (with a kid inside ?)
Those things are death  
rebel yell : 5/15/2018 7:40 am : link
traps. If not securely tied down in even moderate gusty winds they're like giant kid killing kites.
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