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NFT: Summer clothes

DC Gmen Fan : 5/14/2018 9:22 pm
I hate clothes shopping but need new summer stuff. Comfy button downs, polos, etc.

Where do you guys shop these days? I hear a lot about "Untuckit and Vineyard Vines." Good stuff?
I really like Izod's shorts  
jpkmets : 5/14/2018 9:29 pm : link
Tons of colors (solid and seersucker in various colors), fit well, and have big and tall sizes if you ate too many calzones this winter and are affordable. Just banged out 4 pair of Amazon for 110 bucks -- will essentially cover the summer.

I am more a T-Shirt fellow -- or oxford if I want to go a bit fancier in the summer, so no advice on the polo shirt scenario.
can't go wrong with  
madgiantscow009 : 5/14/2018 9:34 pm : link
cargo shorts.
Free fly apparel  
Earl the goat : 5/14/2018 9:36 pm : link
Great summer and beach clothes
RE: can't go wrong with  
GiantGolfer : 5/14/2018 9:37 pm : link
In comment 13963786 madgiantscow009 said:
cargo shorts.

Don’t get me started again!!!
RE: can't go wrong with  
Diver_Down : 5/14/2018 9:37 pm : link
In comment 13963786 madgiantscow009 said:
cargo shorts.

or jorts...

- Greg
Hawk TJ max for Polo shirts  
DennyInDenville : 5/14/2018 9:38 pm : link
Some days it's littered with name brand designer polos in many colors etc for cheap (50-70% off msrp) or there could be no shirts that day
RE: RE: can't go wrong with  
madgiantscow009 : 5/14/2018 9:39 pm : link
In comment 13963789 GiantGolfer said:
In comment 13963786 madgiantscow009 said:


cargo shorts.

Don�t get me started again!!!

I have a lot of stuff for my pockets, so cargo shorts with an XL fanny pack and you are good for a day out with the kids.
Vineyard Vines is great, pricey but worth it  
BigBlue4You09 : 5/14/2018 9:41 pm : link
Does scream pretentious boy on the way to the country club a little.
Oversized XL old Yankee player from 2000s shirts  
Route 9 : 5/14/2018 9:44 pm : link
And shorts, shoes, socks, UNDERWEAR...that's about it for the summer for me
I say Goodwill  
EdS56 : 5/14/2018 10:30 pm : link
and other thrift stores. You will find good brand name stuff in there. Ashworth. The best!
Lucky brand clothes are light  
superspynyg : 5/15/2018 7:49 am : link
Not expensive and very comfortable. Good for daily wear.
I'm a big fan of Duluth  
Elisthebest : 5/15/2018 7:52 am : link
with the long tails. Very heavy duty. My son plays BBall every week and he was leaning on a guy in the post and the guy remarked on the quality
Onward Reserve.  
bradshaw44 : 5/15/2018 8:13 am : link
But it ain’t cheap.
I second Duluth Trading  
I Love Clams Casino : 5/15/2018 9:21 am : link
Every piece of clothing I've purchased is so comfortable, to the point where I don't want to buy ANY other brands....They are expensive but well worth it in my opinion
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