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NFT: GDPR for small(ish) businesses?

trueblueinpw : 5/16/2018 12:12 pm
Any of you dealing with or know about GDPR? A few of my friends with small businesses (not that small but under $100M in revenue) have been pinging me with questions about how to deal with GDP. They have customers in the EU but only deal with distributors, B2B and not B2C. Itís out of the realm of my expertise, so, of course, Iím asking BBI.

Please know that Iíve already advised blasting in the butt.
it's a big headache  
Les in TO : 5/16/2018 2:49 pm : link
given the reach and fines of the law. probably worth a 1/2 hour call with a privacy law expert.
Yeah even experts are ripping their hair out over GDPR  
jcn56 : 5/16/2018 2:55 pm : link
apparently the first few cases here are going to be a load of fun. Not something that should be glanced over simply because they're not dealing directly with individuals.
trueblueinpw : 5/16/2018 5:21 pm : link
I think itís a good thing in principle but there doesnít seem to be a lot of clarity on the implementation of hard requirements. The businesses I know are basically punting for 6 months and hoping for the best.
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