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Monday Media Transcript: CB Eli Apple

Eric from BBI : Admin : 5/21/2018 2:22 pm
CB Eli Apple
May 21, 2018

Q: What does Ďclean slateí mean to you?
A: Just putting things behind me and just trying to continue to move forward and going out here and just have great energy on the field.

Q: A lot of people can say that, but do you feel it?
A: Definitely, I feel it. Iím just trying to be a better player, a better person, and a better teammate this year.

Q: How did your first conversation with General Manager Dave Gettleman go?
A: I think it went well. He was just telling me that he wants to put everything behind me. Just talked about a clean slate and he said he was excited, and Iím excited as well.

Q: Why did you say that you need to be a better player, better person and better teammate?
A: Because obviously with the stuff that happened, I just want to continue to work on myself and just communicate better and just not let certain stuff get to me. Continue to strive and get better every day.

Q: What needs to be different?
A: Just everything. My habits, everything that Iíve done. Just to touch up on them.†

Q: What specifically?
A: Iím just going to fine tune everything, come in with a different attitude and just be positive out there on the field and just do everything that I can to make myself better as a player, and everybody else better as a team.

Q: What do you mean by a different attitude?
A: Just a positive mindset and just continue to work.

Q: How do you assess your season on the field last season?
A: It was a little up and down. Now itís just about being even-keel and moving forward.

Q: What did you do this offseason to make those changes that youíre looking for?
A: Just cleared my head and talked to the guys I needed to talk to, the veterans, speaking to the coaches and spending some good quality time with good people.

Q: How is your relationship with safety Landon Collins?
A: Itís great.

Q: Is there a point where you wondered if you were still going to be on the team next year?
A: Not really, I was just continuing to just take it day by day and Iím so appreciative just to be here now. So, itís a great feeling that they told me (I have a) clean slate and now I can put stuff behind me and just get better.

Q: Do you remember when exactly you decided to take advantage of the clean slate?
A: Right when they told me. I was just like, you know what, just the way stuff ended, I didnít want it to ever get to that. So, every day Iíve just been thinking about just being better, being more positive.

Q: Were you embarrassed?
A: Was I embarrassed? Of course. Nobody wants to go out the way I went out. I mean, it was all over the place, so of course.

Q: Do you feel that the communication between you and the coaches is better now?
A: You know what, I think these coaches definitely have been reaching out and itís great to have that. So, I donít want to say anythingís better, itís just about getting an understanding with your coaches and trying to be the best player you can be.

Q: Is it important to you that the coaches are trying to build a two-way trusting relationship with the players?
A: Definitely, definitely. Itís all about the relationships and communication and both sides having an understanding.

Q: What stood out to you the most about what Gettleman and Head Coach Pat Shurmur said to you?
A: Just their excitement.† Just saying that they know Iím a great player and they just want to get the best out of me. Thatís something I definitely appreciate.†

Q: Are you a different person than when who last spoke to the media last season?
A: I mean, I think Iím growing every day as a person. Iím still young, so I just want to continue to grow and try to learn as much as possible.

Q: Were you blindsided by some of the things that happened last year?
A: Yeah, maybe I got a little too confident a little bit in thinking I was going to make a big step. Itís about just taking it day by day and continue to be patient and just know my timeís going to come. Just† donít force anything, just go out there and just flow with everything.

Q: Was your confidence shaken at all last year?
A: I donít think so, no.††

Q: Who is Eli Apple right now?
A: I think Iím a 22 year-old guy, just ready to get to work and continue to work hard and just build on that.

Q: Is there someone you leaned on to get through last year?
A: Yeah, just some of the guys, my friends, close teammates, the guys in the DB room who are still here. And the coaches, too. Youíve got to lean on those guys because once you get that trust and that understanding, itís definitely going to do wonders.

Q: Where would you describe your off the field distractions are right now?
A: Yeah, itís all about football right now. Itís just about being a better teammate and being the best football player I can be.

Q: What do you think your potential is?
A: I think I can be a great Pro Bowl player, itís just about every day going about my business and being a great player every day and being consistent.
When I read this, it makes me think about how Reese seemed to  
Heisenberg : 5/21/2018 2:47 pm : link
emphasize youth when talking about the draft picks. Apple was 20, Flowers had just turned 21, Hart 20. Reese seemed to view this as a positive, based on the idea that their skills had room to grow even further as they get older.

But the maturity stuff bit all these kids in the ass.

I hope he grows up. He's got a ton of talent.
Some tough questions for the young man to answer  
est1986 : 5/21/2018 2:57 pm : link
But he answered them well. Looking forward to seeing both of our Ďstrugglingí top 10 picks turn it around this year.
This is a prime example  
Dave on the UWS : 5/21/2018 6:36 pm : link
of Gettleman's statement "you don't give up on talent". He keeps going in this direction and they will have a hell of a defensive backfied. Him, Jackrabbit and LC? Not many better than that. Then you see that Solder was working with Flowers after practice. Solder knows how to play tackle. Great guy for Flowers to learn from. They both have a lot of talent. If this staff gets the play out of these guys that they are capable of, this team could be a big surprise.
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