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Tuesday Media Transcript: LB B.J. Goodson

Eric from BBI : Admin : 5/29/2018 12:49 pm
LB B.J. Goodson
May 29, 2018

Q: How are you feeling?
A: Iím feeling great. Iím feeling great. Iím blessed.

Q: How much of this is an adjustment for you now with two inside linebackers?
A: Itís nice. I enjoy it, Iím enjoying it, embracing it and itís fun. I like it.

Q: What is different about it?
A: Itís like having another MIKE in the game. Itís a difference and it makes it take a little bit of pressure off.

Q: Is that hard for you? You are not in control as much. Is that and adjustment for you?
A: It is. But like I said, Iím embracing it and Iím enjoying it.

Q: When youíre playing two inside linebackers, do you divide it left and right or do you flow a certain kind of way depending on the kind of play?
A: I donít want to get too far into that, but it will be interesting and I enjoy it.

Q: Are you watching anybody or checking out film of 3-4 guys?
A: Iíve been watching the guys that heís worked with in Arizona and prior.

Q: What is your relationship with Alec (Ogletree) so far?
A: Itís great. Iíve enjoyed it. Iím from South Carolina, so we share a lot in common. Iím in Georgia a lot.

Q: Do you know much about him as a player?
A: I watched a lot of film on him as far as game prep from last year. I didnít know much about him, but once he got here and once we met, the relationship has been going great.

Q: How important is it for you two guys to think like one and be a force inside?
A: Itís great. Also when one is a little off, itís great that we have the other one there to have ones back. Itís great.

Q: Are there times where you see things different?
A: Yes and we just communicate it out. As long as we communicate it out and we are all on the same page, there is no wrong.

Q: Do you have time to do that pre-snap?
A: Yes.

Q: A lot of the talk here is about clean slates. You had a rough year last year with your injuries. Do you kind of look at last year and want a clean slate yourself?
A: Today is my birthday Ė a clean slate, but just pressing forward, day-after-day and obviously today is a great day. So like I said, Iím feeling great and thatís all that matters Ė pressing forward day-by-day and getting better.

Q: It was rough for you last year. You had such a good start and just couldnít sustain it.
A: Yeah, itís a part of the game.

Q: Have you ever played anything like this before?
A: Sort of in high school, but football is football. You line up, there is only so many formations that they can run on their side, so concepts and schemes, there is only so much you can do. Once the ball is snapped, see ball, get ball.

Q: It seems with a 4-3 though that your linemen are keeping the bigger guys off of you more. Do you face more linemen in this defense?
A: I enjoy that, so whether it is facing more linemen or not, I embrace it. Itís part of the linebacker tradition. Thatís what we do, weíre in the trenches, so I embrace it, I love it.

Q: Have you changed anything that you have done in the offseason in terms of training and trying to stay healthy?
A: Getting back 100 percent and once I got 100 percent, just pressing forward because I knew I was kind of behind as far as the training goes. Just getting back on my feet and like I said, Iím feeling great.

Q: Weíre always trying to compare and learn the differences between coaching staffs. What stands out about your head coach?
A: As far as comparisons, I honestly speaking donít really compare or do any comparisons. I kind of deal the hand that is dealt. We have a great coaching staff in here and working with those guys, they are doing a great job of preparing us. It has been great.

Q: What is your birthday candle wish?
A: Iím just blessed to see 25. I have a lot of friends that are not here, a lot of relatives that are not here any longer. Iím just blessed.

Q: How do you like playing in (James) Bettcherís system? It seems like there are a lot of A gap blitzes in practice.
A: I donít want to give away too much. But, itís fun. Iím looking forward to us as a unit playing fast, playing hard, just being hard-nosed and being about that Giant culture.
Sounds like  
JFIB : 5/30/2018 8:10 am : link
Everything is Great!
George : 5/30/2018 10:06 am : link
he's enjoying it.
Very mature response from a young guy  
Bubba : 5/30/2018 10:23 am : link
deflecting the coaching comparison.
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