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Tuesday Media Transcript: WR Sterling Shepard

Eric from BBI : Admin : 5/29/2018 2:04 pm
WR Sterling Shepard
May 29, 2018

Q: How is this coming together for you now after a couple weeks of OTAs?
A: Weíve put most of the offense in. Just kind of working some things in off of that. Itís been going smooth. Still just trying to get the formations down. I think that is the most difficult part.

Q: The last couple years there has been so much talk about how many weapons this offense has. I think it was maybe missing the balance that you guys didnít have, unpredictability. Do you see signs that this is the way this coaching staff wants to go going into this season?
A: Yeah, I guess you could say so. We have all the pieces to the puzzle, we just have to kind of put it all together and I think the coaches are doing a great job with all the different schemes that we have and having guys in the backfield and a line that can get us open. I feel like weíre heading in the right path and weíve just got to keep doing what weíve got to do.

Q: Is it possible to see those signs already?
A: Itís kind of hard without the pads on. Things get a little different whenever the pads go on, especially for the linemen. But itís good for us perimeter guys this time right now just trying to clean up everything with the quarterbacks, so everything has been good.

Q: Can you compare Kyle Lauletta to where Davis Webb was at this time last year?
A: I wonít really compare them, but he seems to be getting the offense down pretty well and heís been making the throws. I think itís hard for young guys coming in because everything is new for him. Heís handled it really well. I havenít gotten any reps with him, but Iíve just been watching him and thatís kind of what Iíve seen.

Q: Your reaction to the national anthem policy that the NFL created?
A: We havenít talked about it as a team yet, so I donít really want to comment on it until we do so.

Q: Taking a look at Saquon Barkley, what do you make of him?
A: Really explosive. If you look at his legs, itís like tree trunks, so I can imagine how hard it is to tackle that guy. But yeah, itís definitely a great piece to add to the puzzle.

Q: In terms of his confidence and presence on the field, he looks like heís been playing in the NFL a lot longer than three weeks.
A: Yeah, even the way that he handles himself. He comes into every huddle dapping everybody up and just trying to get us going. Thatís not really what you see from a rookie, but heís been doing a great job out here learning the schemes and bringing energy.

Q: What were your thoughts when Baker Mayfield went No. 1 overall?
A: I was pretty excited for him. That guy has worked his tail off, heís a great competitor and he deserves it.

Q: Do you guys stay in touch?
A: Oh yeah, of course. We try to Ė itís a little difficult, especially for him because there was a lot of stuff that he had to do right when he got out of college Ė Senior Bowl, all the things that he had to do, so itís kind of difficult. But we got together a little bit.

Q: Is it crazy to think he was a walk-on at one point?
A: It is crazy. I said that on day one when I saw him come into the facility at Oklahoma Ė I was like, ĎHow is this guy a walk-on?í But he always has that chip on his shoulder and heís carried it the whole way and I donít see it changing.

Q: How has Coach Shurmur been so far during the offseason program?
A: Yeah, very relaxed coach, laid back and heís come in and implemented this offense and weíve just kind of been rolling with him. Weíre going to have his back all the way.

Q: What is the most obvious thing that is different about this offense?
A: What is different? Weíre in the huddle. Thatís like the No. 1 thing. I havenít been in the huddle since Iíve been in the NFL. Well, even in college, I wasnít in the huddle, so thatís the biggest thing for me, but itís looking good so far.

Q: Odell (Beckham, Jr.) isnít here today, but has been here during the offseason program. What does it mean when he is here in the building and on the field with you guys?
A: Like I said before, you notice the difference when heís here. Heís one of those guys that is always got a bubbly personality, always making everybody laugh, so we love him here, but he does other things as well.

Q: How much more can you do on the outside?
A: Iíve been doing a lot on the outside.

Q: Youíve done mostly all inside/slot the last couple years.
A: Yeah, I would say that, but in this offense, you kind of have to learn every single piece because you can be moved around and then when weíre going fast, you can pretty much line up anywhere. You have to know everything, you have to be able to run routes from the inside and outside.

Q: Have you noticed in practice that you are using a lot more two back and two tight end formations?
A: Not really. I just kind of get out there and have to know my assignment. I donít really pay attention to it as much.

Q: What do you say when people describe you as a slot receiver?
A: Thatís been that way since college. I feel like Iíve proven that I can play outside and just try to handle my business. I know that I can play outside and we will soon see.

Q: As frustrating as last year was, is that one of the things that you think you proved? That you were able to play on the outside.
A: Yeah, with the guys going down, I was able to get an opportunity to play outside a little bit more and for the most part, I felt like I executed it. But yeah, Iím looking forward to being out there and maybe getting more looks.

Q: Are you curious as to how the ball will be shared if you have all your playmakers out there?
A: No, as long as weíre winning games, I donít really care how it comes together. I just donít want to have another season like last year, so whoever gets the ball, I know that you can trust in them to make big plays. Iím happy about that.
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