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Tuesday Media Transcript: TE Evan Engram

Eric from BBI : Admin : 5/29/2018 2:08 pm
TE Evan Engram
May 29, 2018

Q: Have you started thinking yet how your second year could look under this new offense?
A: Of course. I think about it every day. Especially when I get up here and go to work with the team. Just kind of improve on some things and take my game to the next level. So, Iím really excited. Iím really excited about becoming a better player thatís going to help this team win a lot more games.

Q: Are you interested in how the ball is going to be shared, with so many weapons on offense?
A: Yeah, thatís a good question. We definitely have a lot of talent, weíre going to utilize all of it as well. So, itís definitely interesting to think about. But I mean, in practice, weíve got guys making plays all over the field. So, the ballís going to find the best player. We donít really care where the ball goes, I just know we have a lot of talent.

Q: Do you think players will be accepting if their individual numbers are down, as long as the wins come?
A: Of course. I know our locker room, and just the guys that Iíve been able just to mesh with and get to know, itís a really unselfish team, a really unselfish locker room and I know based off last year, we wouldíve liked a lot more wins at any cost. So, definitely I think weíre going to have the guys that are going to come in and compete and do whatever it takes to win a ball game, to not really worry about personal accolades and numbers.

Q: How do you see yourself improving this year off of last year?
A: The thing Iíve noticed, just being out here, going full-speed, is that the game is a lot more slowed down. The game has slowed down a lot. And thatís allowing me to kind of dig deeper into my bag of route techniques, or getting open and being able to focus more on the run game and getting stronger and just getting more comfortable out there. Last year, I kind of was, head was on a swivel a lot, the game was so fast and I wasnít used to it. But just having a year under my belt and kind of getting thrown into some tough situations last year definitely helps slow the game down and allowed me to kind of focus on a lot of the little things and enhance my talents to be a better player.

Q: How much time have you had to put into learning the new playbook, or has that come easier, just like everything else?
A: It definitely takes some time to put in and kind of get the playbook as kind of a different system, so it was kind of tough. But having that year in was a huge difference. Itís kind of easier to pick up, you kind of know schemes and concepts that you can relate to last yearís. And obviously, last yearís playbook is out the window, but just having that year in and having a better feel of how NFL offenses are ran, it definitely helps with picking up this new playbook.

Q: After a year of playing inline frequently, do you feel better lining up that way?
A: Oh yeah, yes, definitely. It was definitely something to get used to last year, especially being in college, never really attached [to the line]. But I definitely got uses to it last year and got a little comfortable towards the middle and into the season. So, whenever Iím asked to do that now, itís kind of second nature. But itís just whatever the offense requires me to do, Iím trying to be better and get more comfortable doing whatever they ask. So, definitely a lot more comfortable in that aspect of being inline and blocking and getting releases and kind of the whole game that comes with being down there.
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