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Tuesday Media Transcript: S Michael Thomas

Eric from BBI : Admin : 5/29/2018 2:25 pm
S Michael Thomas
May 29, 2018

Q: What is your reaction to the new NFL anthem policy?
A: No reaction. Havenít had a chance to sit down with my brothers on the team or have a conversation about it, so no reaction.

Q: Is that something you guys plan on deciding what to do as a team? Is that how you have done it in the past?
A: This is my first year here. I am sure every organization is different. I have not had a chance to have a conversation with Mr. Mara and my brothers, so right now I am just focusing on trying to get better, that is it.

Q: Last season, this became even more of an issue when the president made comments about it. He did so again this year. Do you anticipate when those conversations occur, will the response be different? Stronger? There were reports that players will boycott.†
A: Yeah, right. I havenít had a chance to talk with my brothers. It is clear where everyone stands on this. I donít know how many of you know me or did any research on me, but you all know who I am and where I stand. I am not sure.†

Q: Why did you feel so strongly about this last year?
A: I touched on it. Everyone knows what this is about. If you donít, then I suggest paying attention to what most people say. For me, it is just about taking the time and actually talking about it. We have not decided what is going to happen. I am not committing to anything right now. Just talking with my brothers and continuing to fight for our communities. Right now, we are not trying to jump the gun and step into anything.†

Q: Were those protests brought up when you took your visit here?
A: Everything that was talked about was between me and the Mara family, the Giants organization, we are going to keep that between us. These are situations that we have going on right now. I know with the union, I look into all of that stuff because it was brought up during free agency. That is going to be addressed, but any conversation that I had with someone is going to be kept between us right now.

Q: The players have been very clear about what this is really about. Does this get conflicted with something else?
A: That is a good question. No. For me, it has already been stated what this is already about. It is bigger than us. A lot of people try and make this about something else than what it is. For me and my brothers, we know in our hearts why we are doing it and why we are taking this stance. We are not going to let it get distorted even if we have to find different methods and different ways to find a way to get our message across, then we are going to do that. I am not going to get emotionally high-jacked about it right now, not going to make comments. Just keep doing what we have to do.

Q: You had done some other stuff in the community. Do you still plan on doing that?
A: Yes, definitely. I can talk about that. I do scholarships. This organization is trying to work with me and do personal scholarships in our community. I am trying to do one in my home town. I believe Miami is going to give their first one out this offseason. It was a big part of establishing that there. The work in the community, me and my brothers are going to continue to do that.

Q: This is a big platform you have here?
A: I love it. One of the videos we watched was that if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere. Obviously, it starts on the field, but I definitely plan on learning as much as I can. Making a huge impact on the field to help this team win but also using this New York platform to help this team win.†

Q: How has it been on the field? Is it a new system for you?
A: Definitely. Having coach Lou (Anarumo) out here is great. It is a familiar face.† Getting to learn how my brothers, between Landon and all the DBs and being able to compete with them and on special teams, all those guys are working hard. We are going to try and work hard and set a new standard out here. You know what has been done in the past. We are all working out here. We are all learning.

Q: This is a secondary that has a lot of strife last year. How are you helping piece that together?
A: A lot of people are bringing that up. Since I have been here, I havenít seen any of that. It is just a lot of young guys. It is crazy that I am 28 and I am looked at like a vet. A lot of the guys in the room call me out. I am just trying to bring some leadership and be a good teammate. If they have questions, being able to answer them for them. Things that I have explained and I have experienced. Coach is saying it this way, you should probably look at it this way because coach is saying it this way. Anything that I can learn from my experience and my wisdom, just try and give it to them, that is it.

Q: Do you fit in at safety? Corner?
A: I love this defense. It has a lot of moving parts. A lot of the DBs love this defense. I am excited to move around and show them whatever they need. Safety, nickel, slot. It doesnít matter. I am ready to play, contribute and help this team win.

Q: What is your impression on Eli Apple?
A: That is what I am saying, I have heard things about it. but I see a talented, young kid. Personable. One of the dudes I have connected with. I havenít seen what I heard about last year. When you are losing, I donít care what team you are on, it is tough. It is tough. True colors come out and some things get blown out of proportion. He is a dude that is going out there competing and making plays. He is willing to get better. I have heard from a bunch of teammates that he is willing to get better. Last year, he would not have done that. He is really getting better. That is what I have seen so far.

Q: Seems like you guys have added a lot of Special Teams guys?
A: It is very clear what they are thinking on special teams. I am excited to be a part of that. I donít think having that low standard on special teams is going to be acceptable here. That is how we want to be a team that goes out there, puts in the work. Learn together and grow together. We are going to set the tempo. I love that.

I think he's our starting FS and will be our best value FA signing  
DennyInDenville : 5/29/2018 3:05 pm : link
I really like what I've heard about him On the field

Like his answers to all the other questions too, he's just trying to play football and transition as a Giant first and foremost it seems and that's why the Giants had no issue signing him.

I think he's gonna be a great leader and mentor, maybe even help polish Collins off some more in terms of saying something dumb now and then
Is he doing  
Pete in MD : 5/29/2018 3:11 pm : link
a Jim Florentine bit with the reporters?
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