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Tuesday Media Transcript: QB Eli Manning

Eric from BBI : Admin : 6/12/2018 3:21 pm
QB Eli Manning
June 12, 2018

Q: How does the new offense look?
A: I think it is going really well. I feel comfortable with it, I visualize it. The receivers are cutting fast and know what they are doing. The offensive line is doing a good job. Obviously, we have a couple of new pieces and people in there, especially on the offensive line group. I think they are adjusting and communicating well. Obviously, every day is important. Get a little comfortable and confident everyday with the offense and the calls and the adjustments we can make. We are doing some good things but we still have a lot of work to do.

Q: How did Odell look to you today?
A: Obviously, he ran maybe three or four routes, but he looks good coming out of his breaks. From what I have seen, he looks sharp and ready to go.

Q: What do you feel in terms of this team, the chemistry and the overall attitude?
A: I think the attitude is good. There is definitely some excitement amongst the players, which is good. Guys are competing with guys in practice everyday. Everyone has something to prove. I think guys are studying hard and going out there and competing. There are obviously mistakes every day, but guys are learning from it and not repeating them. I think it has been a good start. We have to keep it going and find ways to improve every day.

Q: Snacks said last year was a humbling experience. When you look back at last year, do you sit there and think it couldíve been better?
A: We lost some tough games early on and hit the injury bug. It was tough after that. Last year was tough. This game can definitely humble you. Nothing is guaranteed. The year before doesnít mean anything from the next year. It can go from good to bad and bad to good very quickly. It is just a matter of the team buying in, everyone playing, everyone doing their job and finding ways to win football games. That is the difference between a good year and a bad year a lot of times.

Q: How is this offensive line coming along?
A: It seems like a great group. They get along well. They eat lunch a lot together and are big character guys. It is important to them. It seems that they can have fun and enjoy being around each other. Just the work that goes into it. They take great pride in their craft and in communicating. Thatís a good thing, I like that. Now it is just a matter of everyone coming together and being on the same page as I am making calls and making sure that we are all seeing things the same way so they can move fast and do our assignments.

Q: Do you sense that confidence was not there last year on the line?
A: No, I wouldnít say that. I like this group and feel like they can be a special group.

Q: How much better do you feel this year with the offense you have built and is this the best offense you have had that you can remember?
A: Every year could be a special year. It is just a matter of how guys can play on Sunday. There is always going to be ups and downs during the season. It really comes down to if guys can keep it about the team and keep it together. Stay committed for 16, 17 weeks and going into the playoffs. I think it is a good crew of guys. Now it just comes down to how hard can we work and how committed can be in putting this all together and finding ways to win together.

Q: Any reaction to the settlement of the lawsuit?
A: Just glad it is over.

Q: Do you feel like last year is cleared out in your mind?
A: When you have a new coaching staff, you get a clean slate. You have to prove to them that you are ready, can get the job done and can be prepared. I try and get better everyday, pick their brain and their mind. Make sure I am doing what they want me to do and what they expect from me. I think that is what you try and do every year. You have to go out there and produce, make plays on Sunday.

Q: Do you enjoy the spring and OTAs after 15 years?
A: I do, I enjoy the spring. It is a great time to get the guys together and to start working on your craft. We have a new offense. I think it is very important to get in here and learn it. It is very exciting for me to be in the meeting room with the coaching staff and to get to learn football. There are lots of different ways to run an offense and to run plays, similar plays but read them differently. Learning from them, buying into it and looking forward to the challenge of going out there, perfecting it and being successful in it.

Q: A couple of former Giants said the team wasted your prime. Do you agree with that?
A: I donít agree with that. I appreciate them. They are close friends of mine and we won a few championships together. I appreciate their loyalty and support but I wouldnít necessarily agree with their comments.

Q: What do you think of Saquon Barkley so far?
A: I think Saquon has done a good job. I have been impressed with him. Just learning the offense. He has come in quickly and has a good feel for things. Physically, he looks the part. I am excited to see him with pads on, in the open field and see what he can do. He has done a good job. In the spring, you see more in the passing game and you get to work on those things. He has been impressive in that part. I know once you get the pads on and some live contact, he will be impressive in that regard as well.

Q: Have you given him any advice about coming in as such a high-profile guy?
A: Yes, I got to talk to him a few times these last few weeks. Had breakfast with him and lunch. Sat with him a couple times. I am not the guy that is going to just throw out advice but if something comes up, I try and offer some things I have learned over my time here.

Q: What have your impressions been of the defense?
A: I think the defense has been great. They have some great stuff. It is great for us going against this style of defense. We get up and make calls. Our signs are being tested everyday. Trying to read the coverages and the disguises. I think we are getting in great work. The defense is making some plays. They have some talented guys on the other side. It is competitive.

Q: How would you describe this defense?
A: An aggressive style. They try and pressure the QB and bring five guys. Disrupt the QB and not let him sit in the pocket. They are always tough to prepare for because they are multiple. It is great work for us to be able to get that work instead of having a team that is pretty simple with one or two coverages. Once we start playing other teams, we should be prepared for other things.

Q: Is there a point this offseason where you were able to think about the last mouth of last season?
A: Yes, you just try and learn from every season. Could there have been something different? I was trained hard and prepared hard going into the season. Sometimes, it just doesnít work out for you. Still do the things I have been doing that have put me in position to be successful. Just continue to work smart and be dedicated to working on my craft. Go out there and make things different this year.

Q: Did draft night show that the organization has faith in you?
A: Taking a running back, I think, showed that they think I can still perform at a high level, lead this team and be a successful young QB in this league.

Q: You have two young QBís behind you. Your thought on them this spring?
A: I think all the QBís have worked extremely hard. They have been in the meeting room and are learning the offense. They have performed well during practice and have made some plays. We are all learning this together. I am in there with all those guys watching the film. I tap into those guys. We have all been in different styles of offenses from college and other places. Learning this with each other. If I have learned anything over the years, it is to try and help them out in any way. Talking football and everyone helping everyone out.
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