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Tuesday Media Transcript: LB Alec Ogletree

Eric from BBI : Admin : 6/12/2018 3:54 pm
LB Alec Ogletree
June 12, 2018

Q: How is the defense coming along picking up the new system?
A: Itís been going good. Like you said, over time you work on it and the more reps you get, the better you get at something and itís been good so far.

Q: How has having different personnel in front of you and behind you changed your confidence level or how youíre seeing things out there?
A: You have to adjust, playing with different guys. I feel like Iíve tried to take my time and just learn each guy and how they play, so I can adjust my game to theirs and do the same. So, itís a work in progress for sure, but I feel like weíre on the right track, for sure.

Q: What have you seen from linebacker Lorenzo Carter?
A: Heís a dawg, first off. We breed them like that, you know? [laughs] But no, heís come to work really hard and heís done an excellent job for us so far.

Q: Defensive tackle Damon Harrison said heís looking forward to playing in a game with you. Do you have the same sentiment about him?
A: Exactly. Itíll be a lot cleaner. He can hold a double team, or split them if he can make the play, for sure. But Iím looking forward to playing with everyone thatís in the locker room, for sure. So, for me, itís just taking it day by day and like I said, learning each player and how they play, and heís definitely one of the players that Iím excited to play behind, for sure.

Q: Is it different to play behind Harrison than it was playing behind Aaron Donald in Los Angeles?
A: Like I said, itís different players, so you have to adjust your game to the guys around you. Everybody has to play together for us to make this defense work. Like I said, itís going to different from playing behind Aaron Donald to Snacks now, for sure. But like I said, Iím definitely excited to play behind him. I think heís going to be really good for us and this defense and hopefully I can return the favor.

Q: Can you tell that Defensive Coordinator James Bettcher was a linebackers coach in his past? Is he harder on the linebackers than other positions?
A: I mean, yeah, heís definitely a linebackers coach, for sure. Thatís what he started as. So, for us, he definitely puts it on us to lead the group, and we put it on ourselves as well to be that leader and be that dominant voice out there and get everybody ready and set to run the plays. We definitely take that responsibility.

Q: What can fans expect from you?
A: Just a guy thatís going to play full 60 minutes. A hard worker, hopefully a leader on this team and a guy thatís just going to fight to win each and every down and fight all the way to the end, no matter what the score is.

Q: What level of pressure to you feel to help the team improve in stopping the run?
A: I mean, itís no pressure. When Iím on the field, I expect us to go out there and stop the run game. Like you said, they brought me in here to help with that, among other things. So, it takes all 11 of us to go out there and be a good defense. I put that on myself to get everybody ready and prepare to stop the run game, and to show up in the pass game as well.†

Q: What have you seen from defensive tackle A.J. Francis?
A: A guy thatís coming off the ball very hard and disruptive. Like I said, this defense is fit for d-linemen. And when theyíre playing well, it makes everybody else play well behind them.

Q: How do you view the leadership role and where you fit in that on this defense?
A: I guess itís been said Iíve been the quarterback of the defense, I guess. But at my position, it comes with some sense of leadership, where youíve got to get guys lined up and stuff. But for me, I try to lead by example, and doing the right thing before I say something. Just so you can see it instead of just listening to what Iím saying. If Iím speaking the right thing, Iíve got to be doing the right thing.

Q: Do you feel that this team coming off of a 3-13 season is looking for something?
A: Yeah, I mean, everybody is hungry to win. Last year was last year. You canít change what happened last year, we know weíre going to focus on this year. Everybody is excited about this year, but you donít just show up. Youíve got to go out there and play and put it on film and do the work to win games and make it to the playoffs.

Q: Are you expecting to be the one communicating with the coaches on game days, or will you and B.J. Goodson hand that off?
A: Yeah, Iíll have the mic. But B.J. does an excellent job of relaying the message as well, so we definitely bounce off each other in relaying the message to the defense, and it definitely helps me out a lot. And I think it helps him out, too.

Q: What did you think of how the offense looked today?
A: They started out pretty good today on us, and I thought that they showed that they can throw the ball, run the ball and did a lot of great things today. You said theyíve got a lot of weapons over there and itís going to be something to see, for sure, on Sunday.

Q: What are your first impressions of running back Saquon Barkley?
A: A guy that comes to work the right way. Heís a true professional, even at a young age. Heís always asking questions and you can just tell he loves football and loves to learn and do the right thing. So, weíre definitely excited to have him and looking forward to see what he does on Sunday.

Q: Were you satisfied hitting a line drive off the softball pitcher during this Landon Collinsí charity softball game this past weekend?
A: You know, I was. I wanted to hit it out of the park, but I havenít swung a bat in a few years, so I was able to make contact with it. So, it was good. You know, she did strike me out first [laughs].

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