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Thursday Media Transcript: Head Coach Pat Shurmur

Eric from BBI : Admin : 6/14/2018 2:14 pm
Head Coach Pat Shurmur
June 14, 2018

Opening statement:
All right, that was the last day of the spring training. The guys will be on their way for a couple of weeks and then we will be back. Really have not announced it, but July 22, we are going to have the rookies, selected vets and the quarterbacks come in. The whole squad will then be together on July 25. Done this in the past. It is a great way for the rookies to get a lot more reps. It is a good way for the quarterbacks to get going. Those can be a very productive two days. Then, we will have the vets and the whole team together on the 25th. It has been written we are going to practice with Detroit for a couple of days prior to playing them in a preseason game. I have done that in the past. It can be very productive, especially for the younger players to get a lot of reps. In terms of the training camp schedule, for the most part we will have walkthroughs in the morning and practice in the afternoon. There will be a handful of practices where we practice in the morning. We will just change it up a little bit. It was a very productive offseason. I told the players we have come a long way, but we have a long way to go in all areas. With that, Iíll take your questions.

Q: Were you upset to see Damon Harrison swing his helmet at Will Hernandez?
A: It has been very competitive the whole camp. There are certain things we certainly canít do. We got it settled down. When scuffles break like that, in that situation, we just take them out of the practice and let them cool off.

Q: What were your initial thoughts?
A: Get them out of the drill and let them settle down. That happens. It is competitive up there. Snacks is a very competitive guy and Will Hernandez is very competitive out there. They just kind of butted heads.

Q: Did the helmet swing bother you more?
A: Yes.

Q: Did you happen to notice that Nate Solder got tweaked during the whole thing?
A: I did, yes. I will see it later when I watch the tape.

Q: Did you get any update on how he is feeling?
A: Yes, I think he is fine. On the field update.

Q: Does bringing people in early affect the number of days you can practice?
A: In regards to the rookies and the list of selected vets, it does not. It is just really extra days. I think there is an advantage to it, especially when you have a rookie quarterback and he gets a chance to get a bunch more reps.

Q: The quarterbacks will be here those days as well? Eli?
A: Yes, Eli will be here.

Q: Any update on R.J. McIntosh?
A: No. He is going to have to have a procedure here but there is no real update or change in the situation.

Q: Will he be ready for training camp?
A: We are hopeful.

Q: How about Avery Moss?
A: He is one of those guys that had an injury a year ago and is working through it. We are hoping he will be ready to go come training camp.

Q: Is the center position Jon Halapioís job to lose?
A: No, there is a competition right now.

Q: Is there one part of Eli Manningís game that you didnít know, but have learned about over these last few weeks?
A: I donít know that. I guess it is all of his stuff above the neck. All of the cerebral stuff that you donít see by watching him play, having worked with him now. He gets it. Football makes sense to him. He comes out here everyday and displays that. Behind all of that is a whole lot of work. It is the perfect combination of a guy who prepares, a guy that takes it very seriously and then a guy that can come out here, take what he has learned and put it to work. It is the cerebral stuff.

Q: Are you impressed with how much he and Davis Webb did to get familiar with this offense?
A: Very impressed. During the dark days of our year, when there is no conversation as coaches, they really embraced what we want to do.

Q: Now that youíve seen quarterback Davis Webb on the practice field 16 times, what is your overall impression of where he is?
A: I think he has improved every day. I think heís got an outstanding skillset. I mean, big, strong, can throw. Saw today, he can run around and heís gotten more and more comfortable with what weíre doing. So, heís made steady improvements through this spring.

Q: What do you take from wide receiver Odell Beckham, Jr. staying after practice to work with quarterback Eli Manning yesterday and working personally with Manning today?
A: Yeah, well obviously, anytime you catch a route from a quarterback, you learn something about one another. So, theyíve spent time together. Iíve noticed their relationship is real strong and thatís typical of what players do. They work together. Odellís been able to do a lot here full speed and as I mentioned, heís been cleared to practice. Guys that end the year with injuries come back at different rates and get involved with more and more of the drill work. So, for him to spend that extra time with Eli, I think is great.

Q: What do you take away from Beckham after this spring?
A: I think weíre just still getting to know each other. But Iíve said it before, this guy loves to play football, and he gets it as well. So, when I see him in the meetings, when I see him on the field, regardless of what heís doing, when I see him on the field heís really engaged and you can see, just by him running routes versus air and some of the drill work weíre doing, that he can really help us.

Q: Do you have any reason to believe that Beckham wonít be able to do everything come training camp?
A: No. No reason to believe.

Q: Has Beckham told you that he will be here for training camp?
A: I havenít talked about that with him. I expect to see everybody here.

Q: When you look at the depth that you have at cornerback, how do you see it playing out in training camp?
A: Well, itís competitive. We were talking about it this morning. I was sitting with [Defensive Coordinator] James [Bettcher], just going back over the roster. Itís going to be competitive to see whose going to be, in my mind, our third, fourth and fifth corner. Weíve got some candidates who are doing some really good things. And then theyíre going to have to have a role. Certainly, when teams are in base and weíve got Jackrabbií [Janoris Jenkins] and Eli [Apple] out there. But then when teams go to nickel, which is more than half the time, thereís going to have to be a guy step up. And weíll just have to find the role, and whoever that guy is, weíve got to do the things that fit what he can do best.

Q: Has stuff began to crystalize for you in the system, as far as what you are going to keep and what you are going to throw out come training camp?
A: Yes. Thatís an excellent question. Thatís part of what this training is. We try to put together an offense and a defense and you come out here and practice different things and each day you emphasize different things to try and get a feel for what the players can do. And then we hone in on what they can do and what works best against, ultimately, Jacksonville in the first game. Then weíll focus on those things.

Q: Where do you see quarterbacks Davis Webb and Kyle Lauletta in their progression?
A: I think theyíve both made great progress and Iím looking forward to them continuing that when we get here in training camp.

Q: Between now and the end of training camp, what is the one thing that is going to keep you up at night and worry about?
A: Iím always concerned about injuries in practice. But I think if we try to practice the right way and try to train the right way, we can minimize that. This is a very physical game and weíve just got to be smart about how we train.

Q: When you say goodbye to the players today for a month, do you warn them about staying out of trouble?
A: Well, weíve talked to them about all the work that weíve done to this point, and with five weeks to go, itís not time off, itís time away. So, to continue with their preparation. Weíre always talking to them about being a good citizen and we say New York Giants pride for a reason. So, be very smart. Be good husbands, good fathers and be good citizens. So, we talk about that constantly. I think itís just part of something we do and we encourage them to do the right thing in every area of their life.†
I hear Shurmur say the same basic things that McAdoo said.  
Ivan15 : 6/14/2018 2:56 pm : link
It just sounds so much better when Shurmur says them.
RE: I hear Shurmur say the same basic things that McAdoo said.  
short lease : 6/14/2018 5:53 pm : link
In comment 13991299 Ivan15 said:
It just sounds so much better when Shurmur says them.

: ) .... why?
What happened to "medication and rest?"  
short lease : 6/14/2018 5:57 pm : link

Q: "Any update on R.J. McIntosh?"
A: "No. He is going to have to have a procedure here but there is no real update or change in the situation."

Jeez ....
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