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NFT: NFT Android call blocker

liteamorn : 6/26/2018 6:08 pm
Can anyone recommend a good call blocker for my Samsung S7? I have been getting inundated with robo calls , like 35 a day. And I'd like it to end.

I did a search and didn't find anything and if I missed it somehow I apologize .

Nomorobo gets bad reviews so I'm asking the BBI brain trust

Thanks in advance
I use Truecaller  
jcn56 : 6/26/2018 6:44 pm : link
It's not perfect - but it crowdsources spammer information and does a good job of identifying it and blocking it (if you configure it that way).
Thank you  
liteamorn : 6/26/2018 6:56 pm : link
I just installed it
Nomorobo is great for my landline.  
RodneyHamp : 6/26/2018 9:39 pm : link
I use hiya on my galaxy s8 and it works very well.
I have been using Hiya  
chopperhatch : 6/26/2018 10:16 pm : link
And ot is totally fantastic. Caller ID works fantastic, I have it set so that private n numbers and suspected spam dont get thru.
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