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Wednesday Media Transcript: Tight End Evan Engram

Eric from BBI : Admin : 7/25/2018 4:32 pm
Tight End Evan Engram
July 25, 2018

Q: What kind of strides did you make in the offseason heading into your second year?
A: I think I learned a lot this offseason. Like I said before, the biggest thing to me was the game slowed down Ė just pre-snap, during the play. So, just being able to work on things helped. Things like getting open, getting back on the blocks Ė everything kind of just slowed down and allowed me to get better at certain things, and then apply them on the field with the talent we have together as a team this offseason.

Q: Do you have any specific goals for yourself that you want to accomplish this year?
A: Yeah, I have some, but I kind of keep those to myself. I know Iíll put the work in to be the best tight end I can be and for my team. Be the best tight end I can be to help us win ball games, and just be the best teammate I can be to help us be successful moving forward.

Q: Will Pro Bowl be one of your goals?
A: Weíll see, weíll see at the end of the year.

Q: Did you watch any film of yourself during this offseason? If so, what are your impressions on your improvement heading into this year?
A: Yeah, I watched a lot. It was kind of crazy, just from game 1 Ė and through game 1, I can definitely tell where my head was spinning at certain times. I can tell where I looked sloppy or didnít really look under control a lot of plays. But as the year went on, I just started seeing things progress. I remember progressing, but definitely watched a lot. Doing things that I learned in the offseason and going back seeing how I can apply them in certain situations that I was in last year. I watched pretty much the whole season through Ė a couple games more than once. Definitely went back and watched a lot Ė just to kind of put in perspective of where I was and kind of test myself on when to use some of the new things I know now in some situations I was in last year.

Q: How do you feel about being a piece of the new look offense with Odell, Saquon and Sterling?
A: Itís a special group, definitely. We have a special group of talent in those names alone. But even outside of those names, we have a lot of talent on this team. Itís definitely exciting to think about Ė exciting to work for. But at the same time, we all got to put the work in. We all got to put it together. We just got to do whatís best for the team. When we kind of have that perspective and if we have those thoughts of team first, and winning games, and coming together, thatís when I think itís all going to come together, itís all going to show how special our team can really be.

Q: How can being around those guys help you? [Eli, Odell, Saquon, Sterling]
A: It definitely makes me better. Just being able to watch them in practice, and then pick up on their habits, and to learn things from them Ė and actually help them with certain things. It just makes myself a better player. It makes our team better. I think itís just a good opportunity Ė a special opportunity for us to learn from each other and make each other better.

Q: What kind of advice did you give Saquon as he enters his rookie season Ė with having coming off yours?
A: I honestly believe heís ahead of his time. I never really felt the need to give him any advice. But, I just remember the first couple of days, he was asking me certain things about a route combo that we had. He was out the backfield and I was attached. He had some questions about it. I just told him everything is going to eventually slow down. Your head is not going to be spinning. Youíre going to get a hold of all of this. Youíre going to be able to play fast, youíre going to be able to get comfortable and play your game. Heís ahead of his time. Heís already proven himself as a professional. He wants to get better each and every day. Heís needed a little advice from me, but Iíll definitely help him along this season.

Q: How does the tight end position change schematically in Coach Shurmurís new offense, as compared to what you did last year?
A: I think it just moving around a lot more. Last year when we had the injuries, my role kind of increased. I was in a lot of different spots on the field. Just systematically, the tight end can be anywhere on the field. Itís no structure to where the tight end can line up Ė or anybody can line up. Itís just a fast-paced offense that requires a lot from the tight end, donít get me wrong. Just split out a lot more Ė I can be in-line, I can decide whether I want to stand up or do three-point [stance]. Just a little bit more freedom. But systematically, the tight end is a big position in this offense, and it has a lot of responsibility.

Q: Do you feel as if you have the same freedom at the tight end position, in relation to other positions within the offense?
A: I felt that definitely Ė just throughout the offseason, and the time we had together to learn the offense. You got to prove yourself. Whether itís Coach Shurmur or Coach Shula, they just want us to be comfortable in the tight end room, and do what fits us. But also, have the awareness to know when to do certain things thatís required. Iím definitely a lot more free. Iím definitely a lot more comfortable. Itís definitely a really fun position in this offense. You got to be smart, but also be comfortable as well.

Q: Were you personally happy with what you accomplished last year?
A: Good question. Iím really tough on myself. I found little excitement in the good things. But, I find good opportunity in the negatives Ė and the negatives that I can improve on and get better. I always daydream about going back in time and doing something different on a certain play. I just always find opportunities to get better. Itís exciting to watch good plays, and itís definitely a good thing to do to remind yourself of the potential and what you can do. I think the opportunities are greater in watching the negatives, and fixing those, and putting yourself in situations in the future, and knowing what you can do and how you can improve.

Q: After watching your film, what are some of the things you wish you could go back and fix?
A: Itís a lot of small things. Just a lot of different releases. Definitely some dropped balls, some missed blocks, some mental mistakes Ė just the small things that you kind of just suck your teeth at and wish that I couldíve done better. I think the small things make the big picture. So, kind of just being aware of when I made those mistakes, and knowing that I can do better. So when I get in those situations going forward, they donít repeat, and I do whatís correct in that given situation.

Q: Knowing that you have corrected your mistakes from last year, are you even more eager to get back on the field?
A: Yes sir. Iím really excited about this season. Just the strides I felt Iíve taken and the strides I feel like this team is going to take is really exciting. To know that Iíve learned from those mistakes and to know more opportunities are going to come to make big plays and win ball games Ė Iím really eager to get out there. Iím really excited about today getting started. Iím really excited about practice tomorrow.

Q: How much film did you watch of yourself last year?
A: I went through the season. Right when the season was over, I had a little vacation. Then, I watched through the whole season. I watched a couple games more than once. Just reflecting and watching the good, watching the bad.

Q: Are you the same weight as you were last year? Did you bulk up at all?
A: Yeah, Iím actually a tad bit heavier. I was around 238, 240 last year. Iím about 241, 240 now. Just staying where Iím comfortable. But yeah, Iím around the same.

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