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Wednesday Media Transcript: Linebacker Alec Ogletree

Eric from BBI : Admin : 7/26/2018 8:17 am
Linebacker Alec Ogletree
July 25, 2018

Q: How is this training camp feel any different from the ones youíve already been through in your career?
A: Itís raining. It usually doesnít rain on the first day of camp. Thatís probably the difference so far and a different area for me. I mean, obviously I was with the Rams for five years. Itís my first year here so Iím definitely looking forward to it and hopefully it turns out well.

Q: How much of a sense of a vibe around this team did you get in a short period of time when you were around each other in the offseason and is that established more in camp?
A: Yeah, I mean youíre around each other all day. So, you kind of, you have to gel with each other. You get on the same page. Everybody is in good spirits so, you know. We had a good offseason with the OTAís and stuff and hopefully we can continue that into camp this year.

Q: You were part of a team last year that made a quick turnaround and had a new regime come in. Are there a lot of similarities? From here to what you experienced last year?
A: I mean, each team is different. You know, everybody is out for the same goal. For sure, when you start out.† You know, you have different players, different coaches and stuff and so Iím excited about this coaching staff and these players that Iím going to get a chance to play with. And like I said, hopefully during this camp we can all, you know, get on the same page and go into the season, playing really good.

Q: What was the key to that? To last years Rams.
A: Like I said to get everybody to believe in the same goal, believe what the coach is putting out there and respond and take it upon yourself as players to make it work. The coaches are going to coach but the players have to play and go out there on the field and play together.

Q: How do you balance being a new guy and having to learn everything but also a guy that everyone is looking at to make the calls, to be a leader? You just get here and you have to do all this. Is that natural or are you still kind of weaving your way through that?
A: Each day is a learning experience. Every day I try to learn something from someone Iíve never met or something like that. For me itís just about being myself, some may like me some may not but at the end of the day theyíre going get a guy thatís here to win games and try to help each and every man out as much as possible.

Q: Do you have enough command yet to be the ďfield generalĒ? To point everybody out and point out peopleís mistakes and things like that or are you still learning that process still?
A: Well, I mean, like I said, we practice. You know, everybody has mistakes. I have mistakes myself so, we just take it day by day to learn what we need to do. Like I said as a ďMikeĒ it does come with the position of being able to get around and getting guys lined up and Iím definitely excited about that part and comfortable in my position.

Q: Do you want to be a captain?
A: Do I want be a captain? If Iím voted a captain, I mean, its just a letter. Every man is out there they have a responsibility and itís my responsibility to get them lined up and able to play well so if being a captain comes with it then so be it.

Q: You played with Connor (Barwin) last year, what does he bring to this team?
A: He brings another leader in the locker room, a great teammate. You know, a guy that is always willing to help the next man and the man beside him so, like I said I tweeted out, ďI couldnít ask for a better teammateĒ and I stand by that for sure. One of the best teammates Iíve ever had, for sure.

Q: Can he still play?
A: Yeah, he can still play. He still comes off the edge and does what he needs to do to cause havoc in the backfield.

Q: Did they ask you about him at all before they went out and signed him?
A: No, that not my job. My job is to play middle linebacker.

Q: What are your thoughts on how good the defense could be this year?
A: We got an opportunity to be a really great defense. They havenít been in the top 10 in a minute so itís definitely my goal is to be in the top five, be the number one defense. If everybody comes in, works hard, and gets on the same page and just do what we need to do every day during practice and go out there on Sundays and prove it we got a good shot at it.

Q: Whatís been your impression of Olivier Vernon? People talked about how good of a spring he has had, what are your thoughts on him?
A: Quite guy. When you see him on the field he surprises you just by how athletic he is and some of the things that he can do. They call him smooth or something like that and heís very smooth at what he does.

Q: You were with the Rams when [Todd] Gurley came in and had a big impact. Obviously, Saquon, youíve only seen him practice. Are there any similarities there?
A: I mean, you got two guys that did well in college. Of course, Todd has been in the league for four years now and shouts out to him on his new deal. Hopefully Saquon will come in the league now and do the same things but even better. You know, heís a high IQ guy that loves football and asks all the right questions and he practices really well. So, definitely looking forward to seeing how he does in training camp and then on into the season.

Q: Could you compare at all where he was, Todd was, four years ago to where Saquon is now?
A: Man, like I said, itís fresh. You know, heís a new guy. Toddís been in the league for a while and everyone has seen what heís done. Saquon, heís new and up and coming and everybodyís looking forward to seeing what heís going do out on the field. We have all the confidence in the world in him, for him to be able to go out there and do what he needs to do to help us win games.

Q: Youíve seen him come out of the backfield a little bit.
A: Yeah, heís very explosive. Heís a very polished guy and being so young you wouldnít think heís a rookie, so.

Q: Not a fun matchup for a linebacker I would imagine?
A: No, heís going to bring a lot of havoc for sure. I get to go against him so, hopefully iron sharpens iron Weíll see how that goes. Hopefully he doesnít beat me too bad!

Q: Once week one comes, let them worry about it.
A: Oh yeah, for sure. Weíre on the same team so hopefully he goes out there and destroys every linebacker he plays against this year.

Q: You have a bunch of young guys. You have Lorenzo Carter, you have some guys from the defensive line who are switching back there, Romeo Okwara and so forth. What did you see from them in the spring?
A: I thought they took in the information really well. They came out and worked hard, they were able to take what they learned in the classroom and apply it on the field. Hopefully they can continue to do that during this training camp and help us win games at the end of the day. They are definitely talented guys and we are looking forward to using them in different ways.

Q: Along those lines, B.J. Goodson, who is your partner inside, what kind of growth did you see him make?
A: The same. I mean, he took the information in well and of course you guys seen him before, you can tell that heís a good player and Iím looking forward to playing along with him. Heís a guy that loves football, heís high energy, and heís always around the ball so weíll definitely be fighting for tackles here.
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