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Saturday Media Transcript: Running Back Jonathan Stewart

Eric from BBI : Admin : 7/28/2018 2:22 pm
Running Back Jonathan Stewart
July 28, 2018

Q: How has the running back room been so far and how have you guys fed off each other early on in camp?
A: The running back room has been really cool. The running back coach is smart, has a lot of wisdom, a lot of knowledge. Everybody there can play and not only can they play, but theyíre very smart so it makes everything easy.

Q: How much have those other guys been picking your brain everyday to see kind of what youíve done over your career?
A: Everyday I get a couple of questions here and there. You can definitely tell that theyíre eager to learn and just work on their craft and just be better teammates and football players.

Q: How much do you have to learn because it is a new system?
A: If youíre not learning everyday then youíre getting dumber, so you got to figure something to get better at everyday. Iím always picking the other guysí brains. Iím always trying to pick Eliís [Manning] brain, some of the receiversí brains. Even from like my running back peers. Just because Iím older and a vet doesnít make it that I know everything.

Q: You called them peers. All of those guys are saying how much you helped them when they watched you. Is that important for you to think of them as peers and not that your are the mentor to this group?
A: I mean, yeah. At the end of the day weíre a team and thereís no hierarchy. Yeah, you have to do your job and you have to help the team win, but the moment you start thinking of yourself as something bigger than the team, thatís when things can go downhill.

Q: We know the linemen have been talking about how they canít wait for the pads to go on. As a running back, does it change a little bit today?
A: Oh yeah, itíll definitely change, youíll definitely have to embrace the thud and stuff like that. Just practice like a professional, weíre out here trying to get better and get through this preseason and show what weíve got and get ready for the first game of the season.

Q: Do you remember going back when you were a rookie, that first time, that first hit you took?
A: Yeah, it was Thomas Davis, linebacker for Carolina [Panthers]. During practice, up the A-gap, it was a power play and no one blocked him. But after that though, I let him know that I wasnít just going to back down. I think the very next play I came right back at him and stiff armed him or something like that. I mean, thatís football, right?

Q: As someone who has watched Saquon [Barkley] to this point, is part of you kind of eager to seeÖ?
A: Oh yeah, Iím definitely eager to see him and put the pads on. I mean heís excited to be out here with the pads today so. As a running back, as a football player, thereís nothing like when you put the pads on for the first time. Heís going to experience that today at this level and itís a big step.

Q: Nobody blocked Thomas [Davis] on purpose or was it a rookie hazing?
A: I donít know what that was back then. It might have been a little bit of everything. All jokes aside, me and Thomas are very close and we always talk about that play every year.

Q: What year was he, then? He didnít come in the same year as you?
A: No, no, no, no. Yeah, two or three years ahead of me.

Q: So you expect [Alec] Ogletree to run free on the first play?
A: No, respect your teammates [Laughter].

Q: What have you been able to figure out about the personality of this offensive lineís on field personality.
A: Relentless. Those guys are really starting to come together and work as a unit. Thatís the biggest thing is chemistry with that group. With depth and to be able to continue that chemistry on the field, no matter whoís in there, is very important and they seem like theyíre a very close knit group which is important.

Q: You ever seen somebody ask so many questions as Saquon [Barkley]? You were kind of talking about how he was picking your brain everyday.
A: Heís a student of the game and if youíre not asking questions, then you donít really care. All credit to him because his preparation, just coming in here and just the mindset to be ready to pretty much soak up any and everything about this offense and about the professional level, thatís that guy.

Q: Does it kind of make you up your game because everyone is asking these questions and you feel like youíve got to have some answers.
A: Absolutely, youíve got to stay in your books, you got to know whatís going on. Study to assure you improve, right? Me being an older guy too and being a room full of young guys has definitely made me more youthful.

Q: Any athlete would always say Ė how much would you want to play and they would say I want to start. How do you approach this? Do you just say I take what I get orÖ?
A: I approach it like I do every year. I play this game to win football games and at the end of the day you practice like youíre the starter because you never know when your number is going to be called. Thatís how Iíve ever done it since I was in high school.

Q: Youíve had a lot of up and down seasons through you career. Whatís the key to do a quick turnaround like the Giants are trying to do?
A: Iíd say just consistency. Just be who you are and be ready to feed off. If youíre at home with your family, youíre a father and a husband. If youíre at the facility, youíre the best teammate that you could be.

Q: Was it good to see Dave Gettleman the other day?
A: Oh absolutely. His attitude about everything right now that heís going through is very inspirational. Iím just glad to see him up and walking and smiling, so itís good.

Q: Something the team could kind of rally around, right?
A: Oh yeah, absolutely. Cancer is as terrible as it is. Itís definitely uplifting for those who get the opportunity to watch someone like Gettleman just battle. Itís really cool.†
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