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Saturday Media Transcript: Cornerback Eli Apple

Eric from BBI : Admin : 7/28/2018 2:33 pm
Cornerback Eli Apple
July 28, 2018

Q: How are things going?
A:† Good. All is well.

Q:† Coach Shurmur could not say enough good things about you, your performance on the field, your conduct in the film room, study habits, all those things, gave you a big thumbs up. How important is that to you that youíve made that impression on a guy whoís coming in to be a first-year coach with you guys?
A:† Itís definitely important for me. That was a first impression type of thing, I just wanted to show that Iím a hard worker and just continue to show that even now, because as we continue to go on with these practices, itís about just staying on top of that and trying to get better every day.†

Q:† What, if anything, feels different for you?
A: I wouldnít say anything necessarily feels completely different. I mean, itís a lot of new faces, especially with the coaches, of course, thatís obvious. But, I feel like the energy is a little bit different, everybodyís just anxious and ready to go out there and just get better every day on the field.

Q:† What do you think you accomplished this offseason?†
A:† I think just fine tuning some things and just working on my craft, and just staying on top of my footwork and just eating right, trying to just be the best athlete I can be.†

Q:† So far do you feel as though you have a little bit more calm in your game when youíre out there practicing?
A:† A little bit, a little bit, but Iím still trying to get the plays down and talk to the vets and the guys that have played in this defense, like Kareem Martin and even some of the guys that we have helping us, consultants like Rashad Johnson and Deshea [Townsend] as well. Theyíve definitely been helping me a lot.††

Q:† Coach Shurmur said youíve been a pro, you look like a pro. What does that mean to you?
A:† Just going about your business every day and just keeping everything all business, and asking a lot of questions, and trying to learn.

Q:† Youíre a young player, you havenít been in the league a long time Ė but is that something that maybe youíve had to learn, too? What does that mean to be a pro?

A:† Itís definitely a process. I think itís just, every day is a new day and you try to learn as much as you can, try to pick the brains of the older guys, and try to give the best effort and be the best player you can be.

Q:† When Dave Gettleman and Pat Shurmur came in, the big thing they said was that all players have a clean slate. Players hear that a bunch of times. Were you wondering, is this a legit clean slate? Thereís a clean slate, and then thereís kind of, well, thereís a clean slate but weíre still worried about some things.
A:† Iím not worried about that. Iím just trying to go out there and be the best person I can be, be the best teammate, and just go as hard as I can.

Q:† Does this feel very new to you? Youíve been in the building, but new coaches, new staff, new lots of things?
A:† It feels good to me. I think everythingís good right now, we just have to continue to strive and get better every day.†

Q:† It seems like youíve grown up, youíve matured. Do you feel that way?
A:† I think every day Iím kind of getting older, growing up a little bit, and my birthday is actually August 9. I turn 23, so naturally I think Iím getting older, getting a little bit more mature. Just trying to continue to just learn Ė thatís the main thing, learning and getting better.

Q: Do you think your career was somewhat at a crossroads last year because of all the stuff that was written about you?
A: I mean, it was a lot, but I think just growing now and continuing to get better every day. I think I can only get better from here.

Q: When you look back at last year, your summer last time, what do you think of your camp last year?
A:† I was solid. I think I did pretty well, but itís always building on top of stuff and I want to get better, I want to be more physical, I want to be a better player out there, just running around, making more plays.

Q:† Do you have a sense of how important you are to this team? What is your sense of where your place is on this team?
A:† Just out there on the corner, just manning my island, taking away the receivers, just locking up. Thatís all.

Q:† From what weíve seen, you played almost exclusively with the first team defense. Does that mean anything to you that they sort of just put you right back in there and you stayed there to this point?
A:† I think itís just, they have a lot of confidence in me and they told me that they feel like Iím a really good player and as long as I listen to them, I can get better and become a Pro Bowl player. I think I see that as well, so with my athleticism, especially in this defense, I can see myself just excelling in it and Iím looking forward to this season.†

Q:† What about this defense? What makes you think you can excel, and maybe it fits you?
A:† Itís an aggressive defense, a lot of man, but we also change things up so we can keep the offense on their toes a little bit. Itís going to be great. You guys are gonna have to sit back and watch and see, but Iím definitely looking forward to it.

Q:† It seemed like there was a lot of fun on the field from the secondary yesterday in practice, especially once you guys went outside Ė some interceptions, some breakups Ė what was that like being out there?†
A:† It was great. Itís always great to see guys make plays and getting picks, especially as a secondary, thatís what we want to see on the field. But weíve just got to keep it going every day. That was yesterday, now we just gotta keep going today.

Q:† Obviously you compete against the wide receivers, but do you compete against Jackrabbit in practice?†
A:† Yeah, a little bit. Like when I see Jackrabbit make a play on the other side, I think to myself, ĎOK, itís time for me to make a play if the quarterback comes my way,í but itís always fitting that Iím trying to pick his brain because he was All-Pro, Pro Bowl corner, so heís definitely one of the best in the game. So, if I can learn as much as I can from him, thatíll make me a better player.†

Q:† He seems to be making a lot of plays in camp. You feel like you need to keep up?††
A:† Theyíve been going his way a lot, so hopefully they come my way so that I can make some plays.

Q:† Already in summer, theyíre not throwing at you Ė is that what youíre saying?
A:† Iím not saying that at all. He has more opportunities, thatís all.

Q:† Often, the linemen and the running backs will salivate when they hear there are going to be three days of padded practices in a row. As a defensive back, what goes through your mind when you know youíve got three days of padded practices coming up?
A:† Itís real football. Itís real football, and now itís going to be a lot more thumping, a lot more talking, itís going to be a lot more energy.

Q:† Three years with him Ė how would you describe Andrew Adams as a teammate, as a player?††
A:† Great teammate, great pro, comes about his business and heís always asking questions trying to learn. Heís very smart on the field, too, always knows the right spots. Somebody you can rely on.†
Well thatís random ¬†
BigBlueShock : 7/28/2018 2:54 pm : link
Of all the questions that could be asked, the very last question of the interview is asking what kind of teammate Andrew Adams is? Alrighty then! Lol
Eli Apple and Andrew Adams are part of the same club  
Jimmy Googs : 7/28/2018 3:30 pm : link
they wear jackets with bulls-eyes on their backs...
Subtle jabs at Spagsís ¬†
ZGiants98 : 7/28/2018 4:39 pm : link
Ds imo.
RE: Subtle jabs at Spagsís ¬†
eli4life : 7/28/2018 6:11 pm : link
In comment 14024202 ZGiants98 said:
Ds imo.

Thatís sounds more like you grasping at straws
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