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Sunday Media Transcript: Linebacker Lorenzo Carter

Eric from BBI : Admin : 7/29/2018 2:43 pm
Linebacker Lorenzo Carter
July 29, 2018

Q: What was it like yesterday to finally get out there with pads on?
A: It was fun. Finally get a chance to play football again. Weíve been running around with helmets on and shorts, but now the pads are on so itís time to go out there and do what we came here for and play the game we all love.

Q: Do you know when you got it right? Do you know when youíre doing the right things? There were a couple plays yesterday where it seemed like everything went right for you, you were in the quarterbackís face. Do you feel that coming? Does it almost kind of get you going?
A: Yeah, you can feel it. You definitely can tell when youíre doing it right just the way things happen. You can tell when your eyes are in the right place and your movements are doing the right things. I just try to keep doing what Iím doing. Try to keep getting that feeling because thatís the thing you just want to let the coaches know that you can continuously do it.

Q: Do you also know when youíre doing it wrong, you get that ďuh oh?Ē
A: You definitely know when itís going wrong, thatís when you just turn around and put the jets on, try to keep running. Everybodyís going to make mistakes, especially as a rookie, but you just have to make mistakes and you donít lose, you just learn lessons.

Q: How was playing in the defense at Georgia helped make this transition a little bit easier?
A: I was talking to my old teammate, Devin Bellamy, heís in Houston. We were just talking about how Georgia really prepared us well for this stage and just the style of defense we play. They taught us a lot about playing outside linebacker and setting the edges and also being able to drop. Iím grateful for all the coaching tips they gave us there.

Q: At the same time, you did so many different things in that scheme in college. Iím guessing here, as a rookie, they have you focusing more on one type of linebacker. What is that and how well is that working for you to have one focus instead of many?
A: So I had a lot of focuses back in the day. Here Iím playing straight outside linebacker, strong side. My job is simple: set the edge, affect the passer and lastly I have to drop, but dropping is next. Thatís an after thought. In the front of my head is pass rushing and being aggressive going forward. I love it.

Q: What about your style of game suits you well for what theyíre asking you to do?
A: The coaches ask me to go for it and go for it fast, I can go for that. I can do that.

Q: Is the hardest thing with the edge rusher, I mean I assume getting to the pass is the easy, but protecting that edge?
A: Protecting that edge, it just comes, I say, kind of natural. You just have to get off the ball and just try to get some knockback. Thatís the thing coach is telling us, we donít have to really Ė you can set the edge by knocking somebody back and forcing them to get in the hole. Just playing physical, playing very disruptive.

Q: How quickly did you and Connor [Barwin] click?
A: I love Connor. Once he got in here I just sawÖ Heís a tenured vet. Iíve learned as much as I can from him. He knows the recipe, he has the formula so it would be ignorant of me not to follow him and do everything he does.

Q: Do you guys have similar skill sets?
A: I think so. Connor [Barwin] was showing me a little bit of his quickness and his agility the other day. We were just watching film and I was like okay, I could do some stuff he does. I love learning from him.

Q: You guys were out there on the practice field after everything broke down yesterday, right? You and Connor [Barwin] and Jordan [Williams] and Avery [Moss], too. Is that something that he brings up, you guys talk to him about, or does it kind of just happen organically?
A: It just happens organically. Like I said, heís a tenured guy. Heís where all of us want to be, all of us want a chance to get to. If you see that heís doing something, then hop in. Heís going to workout, Iím going to workout with him and anything he does; try to get that edge.

Q: And thatís happened already in the five or six days together?
A: Thatís happened within, I think that was his third day here with us. Iím definitely going to ride his tail.

Q: You had an inside rush yesterday. Is that something you feel you can do?
A: I feel like I could do a lot of things: inside rushes, rush the edge. I donít want to be known as a guy thatís going to keep juicing the edge because you guys know it, the offensive guys know it, the offensive coordinators know it, so you got to switch it up. I have to have the ability to do different things.

Q: Little bit more aggressive in there, right? Little bit more pounds in there.
A: Just a little bit more heavier guys in there, but I mean you got to use what God gave you. God gave me quickness, so Iím not going to run in there and try to bang with those 300-pounders, Iíll use my quickness and get around them, really work that edge.

Q: Once the pads are on, is at some point for a rookie you want to think I played a high college level but I want to see if my physical stuff can do it here. Did you get that sense in the last couple of days?
A: Thatís been the thing. Like I said, weíve been running around in shorts and helmets, thatís not football. Football is when the pads come on and when you got to go strike a man so thatís what Iíve been looking forward to. Went out there yesterday and we got after it so Iím going to continue to get after it with my teammates, weíre going to keep pushing each other.

Q: Any particular hit or collision that made you think I got the better hit, not him?
A: Not really. Iím just going out there trying to work
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