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Sunday Media Transcript: LB Coach Bill McGovern

Eric from BBI : Admin : 7/29/2018 2:45 pm
LB Coach Bill McGovern
July 29, 2018

Q: Thoughts on being reunited with [Connor Barwin]?
A:† Iím excited to have Connor on the team. He brings obviously a number of years of experience and also success on the field. Heís a guy who is a true professional, but he also adds some athleticism to our team and some proven leadership.

Q:† Coach Shurmur just said that he feels like Connorís got a lot of good pass rushes left in him. Do you feel the same way?
A:† Absolutely. We saw him on the first day, heís a guy who has always kept himself in tremendous shape. He comes ready to play all the time, heís a consummate professional, he works at his craft all the time, heís always trying to improve, trying to find something to give himself an edge.

Q:† Do you have to limit a guy like that, in terms of situationally, the number of snaps he might play?
A: Thatíll be as we see. Weíre trying to find out right now, just the first day we had out in pads and obviously Connorís only been here a couple days, so weíre looking to get all the guys on the field at the right time when they can do something for us. We feel that it serves them best.

Q:† We hear the term Ďedge rusherí a lot and itís starting to apply to the outside linebackers. In this scheme, are you differentiating between the two, or is it just kind of a preference thing as far as terminology goes?
A:† Well, basically, thereís obviously a couple different styles of defense. You have 3-4 defense, and thatís where you hear the outside linebacker term really come into play more where theyíre a standup outside linebacker. But then when you get into the sub packages, a lot of that becomes 4-man fronts, which goes back to a 4-3, and thatís a [defensive end] type responsibility. Those†guys have the ability, weíve been trying to find the guys that have the ability to do both.

Q:† Does this defense fit [Olivier Vernon] to a T?
A:† Yes. I think any defense fits him. I think heís that kind of a football player. Heís strong, heís powerful, heís smart, he works at his craft, heís a true professional, again, in terms of being prepared and coming here and showing up and going to work. I think it plays him in space, we can rush him outside, we can bring him inside, thereís a lot of different things, so heís hard to key on a little bit when heís bouncing around on the edges. ††

Q:† How do sacks work for you guys during practice? Obviously you canít hit the quarterback, do you guys have a way of charting them?
A:† No. If you ask how many sacks the defense had in practice and the offensive guys how many sacks we had, thereís two different numbers.†

Q:† Do your guys log them?
A:† No, thatís not one of the things weíll focus on. Weíre trying to focus on just kind of getting better. We know that, hey, weíre just trying to get better, theyíre just trying to get better, and weíre just competing at each snap.

Q:† How much better is your group with Connor [Barwin] here?
A:† Itís great to have Connor here obviously. Heís a true professional, proven leader, good person, just a guy you enjoy having in the room. Again, he adds something to the room. Weíre always trying to add guys who can add something to the room.

Q:† How can he help Lorenzo [Carter]?
A:† I would like to think he can, and so can some of the other guys in the room, too, in terms of just showing him how to become a true professional, how to approach his craft and how to work at it. †

Q:† Connor had some of his best years in Philly playing for you. What about your scheme or your coaching style do you think helps him?
A:† Thatís Connor. We might help some players, but those guys take it upon themselves and they want to get better, and they improve their job, and they study their craft and get better at it. Thatís really, youíve got to give the credit to Connor for the success he had down there.

Q: What kind of effect has [Alec] Ogletree had on B.J. Goodsonís development?
A: I think itís been great. Again, having more proven leaders around, having good people in the room, you just kind of rub off on each other. You see good things, you hear other things that maybe somebody did or he might give him a heads-up like, hey, ĎI did this or I tried that, why donít you try doing it this way? It can only help you get better.í†

Q: Lorenzo [Carter] looked like he had an inside pass rush yesterday. Is that something he has to develop?
A:† Yeah. I think right now, he really needs to develop his whole game. Again, being a young guy out there and itís the first day in pads against the guys, heís going to go against obviously better players than heís seen, but heís got to develop everything. Heís got to develop the way heís playing against the run, the way heís going to do the pass rush, and you need just a couple of moves as you get going, but heís going to have to fine tune, heís got to work his steps, his eyes, all of it. Itís just the overall game right now.

Q:† Physically, when you get handed a rookie like this, if you look at him, youíre probably thankful. He looks the part, right?
A:† Yeah. Heís long, heís athletic, heís sudden, heís smart. Weíre finding out here, which heís doing a good job of so far, heís working at it right now.†

Q:† In this defense, how much are you coaching them to disguise whoís coming and whoís not?
A:† Well, thatís part of it, yeah. The scheme is, weíre naturally going to be an aggressive defense, but you also with the two outside guys when youíre in a 3-4, they both have the ability to come, they both have the ability to drop. So, you try to make it look the same as best you can all the time.

Q:† How has [Olivier Vernon] picked up the drop part of it?
A:† Dynamite. Heís as athletic as any of them out there. He does a great job, heís fluid with his hips. Heís really done a nice job. Again, and Robbie Leonard has been working a lot with the outside linebackers and has put him in some drills, but heís really responded well and heís really handled it well so far.

Q:† How have you managed B.J. [Goodson]ís kind of confidence Ė He had 18 tackles in Week 1 last year and was so frustrated through the injuries. How have you managed him through this offseason back to where he is?
A:† Itís one of those things, again, youíve got to give credit to him. Heís been working at it, and again, thatís something as a young pro youíre growing, youíre learning, youíre maturing, and I think thatís a hard thing to go through but itís something that you have to. It happened, you gotta deal with it. And I give him the credit for the way heís approached it, heís trying to get better, heís come back ready to go and heís looked good so far.†

Q:† In a perfect world, how big of a rotation do you need at outside linebacker? †
A:† In a perfect world, youíve got two guys that go 95 plays each game, itíd be great.

Well, you kind of had that last year.
A: Honestly, if youíve got Ė basically, if you can rotate three or four through, thatíd be great because the reason why those guys give you, they help you a little bit in terms of being pass rushers on third down, when you get to the passing downs. So, if you can put a fast group out there that can really get after the quarterback in certain pass situations, thatís why ideally some of those extra guys can really help you.
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