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Sunday Media Transcript: Linebacker B.J. Goodson

Eric from BBI : Admin : 7/29/2018 2:47 pm
Linebacker B.J. Goodson
July 29, 2018

Q: How has your relationship been with Alec Ogletree, are you guys beginning to gel?

A: Ever since he got here, we have been gelling, so to speak. Our relationship is great and it correlates on and off the field, like I said in previous interviews. Heís from Georgia, Iím from South Carolina, weíre right there and our relationship is great.

Q: What makes this defense a perfect fit for Olivier Vernon?

A: OV is a natural freak athlete. With OV, itís not about scheme. OV is going to be OV, regardless and itís great to have a guy like that in front.

Q: What do you mean by OV is going to be OV?

A: A freak athlete, he is going to take care of his business.

Q: Do you feel like this defense will play to his strengths?

A: I think it will, having different Ö. and offenses not knowing what to expect, it will work out in his favor.

Q: Whatís the benefit of padded practices and how many do you think you guys need in camp?

A: Whatever coach sees fit. Obviously with me loving contact, Iíll take as many as we can get. Like he said, play by ear, be safe and make sure everybody goes into the season healthy.

Q: How difficult is it to learn the new rules about helmet contact that the league is putting into effect?

A: You just have to take precaution. It all makes sense. We have been playing this game for so long and it all takes its natural course. We all have to take precaution and be professionals.

Q: With the exception of Snacks, the defensive line is relatively young. How has the dynamic been between the defensive line and the linebackers?

A: It has been great. Those guys are hungry and eager to show their talents. Iím excited about that as well.

Q: How do you think the rookies handled the first padded practice yesterday?

A: I think they did a great job. They came out there and they were physical and I liked what I saw.

Q: How does someone with your skillset fit in a 3-4 defense?

A: Honestly, for me, it doesnít matter what type of defense it is. Scheme doesnít really matter to me. Line up, and I have an offensive lineman in front of me, the ball behind the offensive lineman, win against the man Iím against, and make the tackle.

Q: Whatís your impression of the offense?

A: I canít help any other defenses out, obviously. We obviously have a special group on the offensive side and I enjoy sharpening myself against those guys.

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