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Sunday Media Transcript: Cornerback Janoris Jenkins

Eric from BBI : Admin : 7/29/2018 2:57 pm
Cornerback Janoris Jenkins

July 29, 2018

Q: What have been your emotions the last month or so, and how did you get yourself ready for this training camp?

A: My main focus has always been football. Things that happened I canít control because I wasnít there, and just coming back, dealing with my team, and just being excited to be here.

Q: Have you been able to talk to your brother?

A: No comment. I havenít talked to him, to be honest, but I will, just see where his headís at, and as far as that, Iíll [leave it there].

Q: What have your spirits been like through this whole thing?

A: Itís shocking, but I still gotta come and play football, and right now, my main focus is to come out here and get better every day for my teammates and just stay focused.

Q: It is something you still have to deal with, or youíre able to sort of put it aside for now?

A: Put it aside. I understand Iíve got to focus on my job, and being here is more important, and just training hard, just going hard is more important.

Q: You were doing an album, right, with Trypps [Roosevelt Rene]? Are you still honoring that plan?

A: Yeah, Iím going to do it. But right now Iím just focused on football, like I said. That will come out later once everything is over with, and move forward.

Q: You said you want to focus on football, is that easy to do? How difficult is that?

A: I mean, itís difficult, but at the end of the day, youíve got to be a pro. Things [are] going to happen in life, some things you canít control, and itís just one of those situations.

Q: How is your football going so far?

A: Pretty good so far. Iím back, Iím working good, Iím at top-speed, Iím just continuing to make plays and just do what Iíve got to do.

Q: Does it feel very new to you, with the new coaches and system?

A: Not really, you know, just different terms for different schemes. But itís basically the same thing and once you put it all together, football is football.

Q: I know you got banged up last year and it really lingered up until the season-ender. Do you feel as healthy as youíve been in a while?

A: Oh yeah, Iím one hundred percent. I can say that today. No issues, no ankle soreness, none of that. Iím one hundred percent.

Q: Is that boosting the way youíve been able to play early on?

A: Of course. I came back the whole offseason just preparing, working on getting my ankle stronger and in and out of cuts, and so far Iíve been doing good.

Q: First day of practice, you had an interception. Does that make you kind of feel like ĎIím readyí?

A: It [doesnít] make me feel like Iím ready. Itís just made me feel like Iím taking some steps to being ready, and like I said, continue to work, getting better, and just being there for my team.

Q: Does Odell [Beckham] being back make you guys better as cornerbacks in practice?

A: It makes everybody better, the whole team. Heís a dynamic player, heís a great player, heís going to come out to work every day.

Q: Whatís it like having [Odell] on the field? Whatís he like? You go one-on-one against each other.

A: It just feels good, because you know youíre competing. You can compete and practice against a top receiver, and just me and him going at it every day. Heís gonna win, Iím gonna win, he might win the whole day, I might win. Itís back and forth, but it only is getting us better. When he catches a ball on me, heís going to critique me. if I knock it down, Iím gonna go over there and critique him, and we just keep moving forward.

Q: Do you chirp at each other at all?

A: If we chirp, itíll be something fun, but other than that, we just leave that off the field.

Q: What do you think of [Defensive Coordinator James] Bettcher?

A: Oh, I love him. Great D coordinator, understands the game, understands his players, how they play, and Iím looking forward to it.

Q: What do you think of the depth behind you, the young guys, obviously coming in between you and Eli [Apple], but then everybody else just jockeying for a position?

A: Thatís where weíve got to step our role up and do things the right way so that they can follow, and when itís their time to step in, theyíll be ready.

Q: Whatís your advice to Eli [Apple]? He obviously had a rocky year last year.

A: Just stay focused and just ball, man. You canít listen to the outside rim because they donít know whatís going on behind the lines, they only see. So you just keep working, and just continue to strive.

Q: Do you notice anything different with him?

A: Yeah, just preparation, the way he approaches practice, some of the things he used to do last year before practice he eliminated. I just see a focused Eli Apple.

Q: What kind of stuff did he eliminate?
A: The little dancing, stuff like that, but other than that, heís good.

Q: For a veteran like you, when everything starts happening and you get beat on a play, is that when you get to really know if Eli Apple is matured?

A: Correct, because youíve got to understand that youíre gonna get beat sometimes, but after that, itís how you respond and I think Eli will do a very good job. So, Iím ready to see it.

Q: He said yesterday that when he watches you every time you make a play, he feels like he has to make a play. Do you kind of feel the same way, too?
A: Of course. Weíre out there competing, holding each other to a high standard, and making sure that we are doing what we gotta do outside to make sure that we can control the game our way, and just continue to get better.

Q: How would you describe Bettcherís defense and how it fits you in particular?

A: Itís aggressive. He lets you play a little bit, heís not going to have you being a robot. All youíve gotta do is listen to the call and just trust the call that he called, and youíll be OK.

Q: What do you mean by not letting you be a robot? You can freelance a little bit at times?

A: No, not freelance. Just getting out there, if itís cover 2, just lining up showing cover 2. Thatís what I mean by robot.
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